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Posted By: Tafoid New .LST Files! - 12/15/07 02:13 AM
I noticed we lacked love in the M1 LIST area for Star Wars. I attempted today to fix that by creating 3 lists:

Star Wars (starwars)
The Empire Strikes Back (esb)
Return of the Jedi (jedi)

They, while not 100% complete, should have most music/voices documented at least. Free free to download the set of three .LST files from HERE

Posted By: Tafoid Re: New .LST Files! - 12/17/07 01:52 AM
Here are a couple more .LST files I've worked on for a good portion of the day:
sttng_l7 - Star Trek: The Next Generation (LX-7)
sttng_x7 - Star Trek: The Next Generation (LX-7 Special)

The Music and SFX could use documentation on both, but the Speech and indexing for the song numbers should be complete.

Both lists are available in one ZIP, located HERE!

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