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Posted By: MAMu_ Other request... - 09/07/05 05:45 AM
Hi, and thx for M1 and bridgeM1... both excellent...

i'd like to request a few things, 1st, my all time favorite game, which had (and still has!) great tunes: Toki aka JujuTsu... would it be possible to add it...?

2nd.. cool pinmame games.. but why aren't they named as in latest pinmame...? could you normalize that....? here are the wrg named:
xfilepin.zip in pinmame 1.50 is xfiles.zip...
gladiatp.zip is gladiatr.zip
stargatp.zip is stargate.zip (& stargat1 2 3 4 for clones)
teedoffp.zip is teedoff.Zip (& teedoff1 3 for clones)

I understand these pinmame names.zip can be, and even surely are, redundant with MAME names.zip..
but as multi folder for roms is accepted... perhaps adding an exception rule, if xfilepin roms are not found then check if roms are available in xfiles, if roms not found in xfiles neither, then it's unavailable / missing..

And last, could you add more pinballs too if possible(Addams Family in exemple)

Thx for considering this request, best regards, and again thx for those wonderfull tools.. smile

edit: in bridgeM1, could be cool to have a next/prev for roms too (as under dos there are 2 letters to switch from games to games).. perhaps it's there but i didn't found it... i didn't understood neither what the top bottom 'List' button does.. any explanations...?
Posted By: R. Belmont Re: Other request... - 09/07/05 06:58 AM
I haven't been able to get Toki to work (or any of the other encrypted Seibu Sound System games), but I'll look into it further. It's certainly frequently requested. (Edit: Got it playing, the banking was a little stranger than normal for Seibu).

More pinballs are definitely on the todo list.

Names that collide between MAME and M1 are tough to handle. (Not to mention that on the command line version it becomes hard to know which game "m1 xfiles" is supposed to run).

It *would* be cool if Bridge had "next game" and "previous game", and maybe even a "random game" (as long as it only picks games you have ROMs for).
Posted By: Tetrafish Re: Other request... - 09/07/05 11:56 AM
I think that should be possible. After all: it can show what 'available sets' you have. But I'm no programmer. wink
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