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Posted By: Turbo Scud Race / Super GT - 12/06/05 04:04 AM
Wow, haven't been to this board in ages...

Anyway, question about M1. I've heard an MIDI and a horrible quality MP3 from Scud Race (namely Groovin' Daylight, the BGM for the beginner daytime track) and noticed that M1 plays a loop about a minute in length whereas the actual song has other sections and is approximately 3 and a quarter minutes. M1 has the highest quality playback I can find right now so I was wondering if the playback loop for this Model 3 game is either from a bad ROM dump or is simply not yet implemented in M1.

Posted By: R. Belmont Re: Scud Race / Super GT - 12/06/05 05:19 AM
M1 plays exactly what's in the real game. No more, no less. In this case, Sega used small parts of each of the songs because they had a very limited amount of ROM space.
Posted By: Turbo Re: Scud Race / Super GT - 12/06/05 05:32 AM
Hmm. Strange then as to why there's a short loop and a full version; eh maybe they released a longer CD edit or something. With the graphics they crammed into a game that size I wouldn't be surprised if that's all they could fit for music.

Thanks for that information!
Posted By: Sixtoe Re: Scud Race / Super GT - 12/06/05 09:53 PM
The Scud Race OST has the uncompressed full length versions of the tunes, not uncommon with the mpeg compressed soundtrack OST CD's

Posted By: R. Belmont Re: Scud Race / Super GT - 12/07/05 12:18 AM
To put it in perspective, the DSBs seen thus far all have a ROM capacity of 16 megabytes, and the music is stored in, effectively, MP3 format. At 128kbps that would fit maybe 4 full-length songs, and Sega needs to fit 12+ depending on the game, so something had to give :-)
Posted By: Turbo Re: Scud Race / Super GT - 12/07/05 02:30 AM
Interesting...*counts tracks found in M1*

4 tracks (3:20 apiece?) = 13:20 of audio
Car select = 45 secs(?)
Demo = 1:00
Name Entry = 0:40
Winner Music = 0:30

Added up that sums 16:15...at 128kbps that'd be 15 and a quarter megabytes. So it seems odd that SEGA would do a one-minute loop after having heard full-length scores from Daytona 2. Weird.

Anyway before I head off to do whatever it was that I was doing, I know this isn't the forum for MAME but I want to congratulate the dev team on the amazing progress of Sega Model 3 emulation. All I need now is a 6 GHz computer! :-)
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