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Posted By: Compy Support for ADSP2104 - DCS2 ROM - 05/23/15 04:00 AM
Hey all,

I'm looking to play some Mortal Kombat 4 sound roms in addition to some ROMs from other games on that sound setup (DCS2 ROM/ ADSP2104). I notice that MAME has some support for the ADSP2104, and I see it in the M1 mac source code, but all I get are a bunch of random writes to address 0 printed in the console when running tests. Is the ADSP2104 chip not supported? I'd love to contribute if someone could point me in the right direction!


Posted By: R. Belmont Re: Support for ADSP2104 - DCS2 ROM - 05/23/15 11:40 AM
2104 should be supported, but DCS2 in general is in an unknown non-working state in M1. Part of the rationale of M1 2.0 will be using completely unmodified MAME components, which should in turn make it a lot easier to get things like that to work. But I'm not sure when that's happening yet. I want to make sure MAME's settled down first, and OG's been interested in redoing how sound works in MAME for a while so waiting until that happens would probably be a good idea smile
Posted By: Compy Re: Support for ADSP2104 - DCS2 ROM - 05/23/15 12:16 PM
Ah, then that makes sense! I was tackling the issue from the wrong end. I was wondering why when I loaded up sound roms that I got nothing but a bunch of memory writes to addr 0.

It will be interesting to see M1 evolve in that fashion! I love the plans.

I sincerely thank you for your time! I'm going to continue to prod around on the Mac codebase in the meantime because its fun. smile
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