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Posted By: neko68k

M1.js - 04/17/16 08:18 PM

Coming soon to a browser near you!

Posted By: R. Belmont

Re: M1.js - 04/18/16 01:19 AM

Oh, that would be super awesome smile
Posted By: neko68k

Re: M1.js - 04/18/16 01:43 AM

It's neat. I'm shocked how easy it was. It needs an interface but its basically working.
Posted By: neko68k

Re: M1.js - 10/19/16 09:56 PM

I don't think I'll ever get around to finishing this. I also never linked the source for some reason, so here it is. It works fairly OK. I have it hosted on AWS but I can't really afford to host it publicly.

Known issues:
  • 68000 games seem to crash
  • There is basically no interface
  • Games without LST's don't work. I never bothered to check if they exist or not so it just fails to download and stops


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