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Hi all,

I was wondering were there any changes made to the romset for techromancer/kikaioh used by mame, becaues under the latest build of mame, the text for the USA version is showing for story mode. Were there any redumps for this romset that made the correct text display possible? (Not a rom request, just asking if there was a redump so I can go looking for it myself)

I used the new renderers posted to run it in zinc and text was still not showing, which is why I'm asking...

It just started working after the sec chips were emulated rather than hacked calls to the bios.

It apparently works in Zinc now too.
HOW? The supported dump is in Japanese...
Kikaioh is in Japanese. Tech Romancer is in English. (They're the same game otherwise - well, the English version also is missing the kickass vocal J-Pop intro).
True... I still don't see some of the text though.

It's sad but the ROM I have maybe badly dumped. I checked it and it seems some of the speech sounds are missing (using the ROM's soundcheck).
maybe this will be clear enough: "it apparently works in zinc now too" means that next release of zinc (1.0) will have correct emulation of these games... smile

no bad dumps involved
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