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Posted By: Hammy The Last 4 - 02/04/14 06:36 PM
After over 10 years of fantastic progress with psx based arcade emulation and after seeing Hap's recent work on the taito sound hardware there's not going to be a lot left aside from minor glitches.

Only a remaining 4 are left that are dumped and not working. Obviously they have underlying reasons as to why. I'm curious whats required to get the last few to run, i'm no programmer but if possible i can help by getting the hardware again for a final check over of the pcb's to see if there's something thats been missed.

NBA Jam Extreme

Uses sound board (same as batman forever) is the sound board not being hooked up causing the game not to run?
Is the sound board documented enough or will getting one help towards getting it working? or is the fact that the game does not run made interest in the sound board quite low.

The test mode working in mame, and it all works apart from sound test - that's got to be a good sign!

Primal Rage 2

Hardware nobody will be able to get hold of.
Apparently there is a g-net conversion coming soon, but no actual evidence.
I'm sure out of all of the last games this has been the most looked at and not budging as far as emulation progress.

Gallop Racer 2

Shows title screen, not much more.
I've seen 2 different types of board for this game, one has just the roms, and the other is populated a bit more, will acquiring one with the different top board to the one dumped help here?
The gallop racer games are very underrated and i would not mind getting this pcb if it's going to help.

Psychic Force EX

Almost working, don't know the difference with the 'standard' set, what does work looks the same as the first game.

It's been a long time but it would be awesome to finally box off this hardware into an all working state, it's getting so close!

Cheers, Carl.
Posted By: R. Belmont Re: The Last 4 - 02/05/14 02:33 AM
NBA Jam has nothing to do with the sound board; the sound comms are TO the board only (the ST-V Batman game uses the same sound board). The ROM mapping/banking is the problem. smf was working on a trojan at one point to figure it out, but lost interest.

Primal Rage 2 there's a fairly scary number of boardsets floating around for a prototype. Probably needs a trojan to determine the proper behavior.

Gallop Racer 2 and Psychic Force EX likely suffer from baseline PSX emulation errors. It's unfortunate none of the non-MAME PSX emulators support the arcade games to help with this diagnosis though.
Posted By: Hammy Re: The Last 4 - 02/07/14 01:40 PM
Thanks for the reply, i guess there's not much more that can be done as far as getting the hardware again and documenting/redumping.

At least it's known what the problems are and what's needed to be done.

Cheers, Carl.
Posted By: smf Re: The Last 4 - 04/19/14 09:35 AM
nba jam bios decompresses an exe from the rom and runs it. I got as far as reverse engineering the compression and writing my own compressor, what I didn't have was any idea about what to actually check.

I wasn't aware that psychic force ex had problems, I wonder if it was a game that someone else promoted to working as I never bother to look at those.

I spent some time tracing through primal rage 2 at one point, it's going to be some interrupt thing like sonic wings limited and all the other zn games that people were adding patches for as it's using memory that is never written to (or only once a long time ago).

There are more than this though that aren't working. I suspect the system 12 dumps for why they aren't working though.
Posted By: Hammy Re: The Last 4 - 04/21/14 08:06 PM
Psychic force ex sorta runs, you gotta coin it up before the taito logo and select genma or wendy (others may work) you'll get a bit of a game out of it before it hangs.

while on about psychic force the square arena outline has been fixed in .153 where in previous versions it was only half showing so that's good smile

nice one for trying on nba and primal i understand how hard it is with them being quite oddball setups!

Cheers, Carl.
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