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Posted By: Lost1 Outrun - 07/29/06 02:33 AM
Because I could not get Outrun 2006 working I remember I had a game some where for the master system...outrunners..any way without explaining what I am talking about I found outrunners rom and Modeler (Modeler093a) Emu on a burnt cd I had in the back of my Junk box I dont think I noticed this before as it must of been to slow at the time on my old pc to run properly
The game runs like a rocket on my pc now I like it and I like the emu fricken awesome
My question is what hapened to virtua racer did any one ever get that working?
Posted By: Lillymon Re: Outrun - 07/29/06 04:40 AM
What the hell does any of this have to do with ZiNc?
Posted By: R. Belmont Re: Outrun - 07/29/06 05:33 AM
A fine question. Locked.

PS: Lost1, this is your second warning. If you persist in bizzare off-topic questions you will be banned.
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