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Posted By: jonceramame Megatouch style/type games? - 09/28/05 09:41 AM
Hi All,

My mother-in-law is a video game junkie and was wondering if there was a good megatouch style game in MAME?

You know, with simple games like video poker, matching, wheel of fortune, etc.

I know there are various single games like these (like Fax for trivia, and wheel of fortune, etc.), but I'd prefer it if there was an "all-in-one".

Any suggestions?


Posted By: Vas Crabb Re: Megatouch style/type games? - 09/28/05 12:35 PM
Diamond MegaTouch and Diamond Maxx are not currently emulated. They are custom PCs (386 up to Pentium) with a special encryption card in an ISA slot. Attempting to use this ISA card in a regular PC supposedly erases your BIOS and/or damages you hardware.
Posted By: jonceramame Re: Megatouch style/type games? - 09/30/05 07:32 AM
Drat! smile They sell 5 or 6 of them at the arcade auction here, but since they make so much cash in bars and so many people want them for their dens, they go pretty high...

Well, to answer my own question for the archives, I eventually found similar style games emulated in MAME, but they don't have the polish.

They are sorted in "genre 0.97u1" as "Multiplay *Mature*" There are one or two in the plain "Multiplay" category too.

There's also a pretty cool game called "multi-champ". It's built on 3 buttons, and has various "twitch" games. Kind of addictive.

Posted By: Vas Crabb Re: Megatouch style/type games? - 09/30/05 07:45 AM
I forgot to mention, AFAIK, the Diamond systems are running MS-DOS, OS/2 or eCommStation (an OS/2 derivative) depending on the version.
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