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Posted By: jonceramame Act Labs gun config help and Gun Roundup - 12/04/05 11:41 AM
Hi Everyone,

Well, I'm finally closer to getting a gun to work with MacMAME.

I now have owned 4 of the 6 guns out there which might work for MacOS... the Super Bio Gun, ActLabs - Version 2 - CRT, PC Virtual Gun - "Lik-sang", and now finally, the original version of Act Labs TV gun. (I haven't owned the original Act Labs CRT version or the Act Labs version 2 TV version yet.)

(Next, the roundup review)
HELP! - The Act Labs TV USB gun (original version) is nice and big, and has a pivot trigger with a solid click. It works/calibrates perfectly in MacOSX on my iBook on my TV.

BUT, I can't get it to set-up right inside of MacMAME. I tweaked and tweaked, and was finally able in MacMAME 0.66.2 to set my sensitivity settings down to about 30% or so and get my shots to hit maybe within an inch or so. (Full screen with Open GL). But, it feels like I'm trying the wrong thing. Especially since inside of MacOSX, it works great. (Yes, I recalibrated after the games start.)

Can anyone offer any support or help on getting it configured?



Okay, round-up of my other experiences...
Super Bio Gun - This is PS2. It requires both a PS2 keyboard and a PS2 mouse hookup to be powered up. I haven't gotten a proper PS/2 to USB converter, so I ran the keyboard hookup through my mini-pac and the mouse through my USB keyboard that has a PS2 mouse port. Could get the screen to flash, etc. But, it didn't quite work. Haven't tried it on a PC yet, or with a proper converter. Lots of these on eBay though.

ActLabs - Version 2 - CRT - This is the new tiny gun that looks like a little pistol. The thing's about the size and heft of a little lighter pistol. The trigger is on a slide, not a pivot, and it was too small for my finger. Horrible design. FLIMSY. Plus, I couldn't get it to work at all. It tried and clicks were picked up, but wouldn't aim anywhere. I returned it an got a refund. Waiting 4 months for a $90 piece of **** was a real disappointment.

PC Virtual Gun - Also known as the "Lik Sang" gun with the foot pedal. nice big gun in the hand. But, it was a bad gun. Tested it on Windows and Mac, and had the same result. It worked, but when you pointed to the top left quadrant, it treated that as the entire screen when aiming (i.e. a shot in the middle of the screen when to the bottom right corner). While searching for a fix, I found that this and another issue were common flaws of the gun. Can't recommend it. This was brand new, imported off of eBay. The guy gave me a refund.

There is another gun out there which is supposedly compatible with PS2, xBox, and USB on TV. (Not the Windows Guncon hack.) I contacted the Asian company that makes it, and have all of their contact info if anyone is interested in buying a sample one. (Couldn't justify the added expense of an international wire transfer.) Look at the MR-H013 3 in Gun on this page: http://www.lightruy.com/sdp/334358/4/cp-1454569.html
Several games need calibration *themselves*, in addition to calibrating the gun at the OS or MAME level. Check the MAME.NET FAQ.
Ahh, good point. *nods* I've seen those games before. Act Labs even has a FAQ blurb about the issue. Unfortunately, it's not the issue I'm having. frown

My problem seems to be that MacMAME is still treating the light gun like a generic mouse/analog input in terms of relative movement, despite going to absolute locations.

I would think it should think "I'm getting absolute values now, so I'm going to check my screen resolution vs. the emulated resolution, apply the proper ratio."

Instead, it seems to be more like "The OS resolution is 800x600, but the emulator resolution is 320x240. So, you have to knock the sensitivity down to 40% and the speed down to 1"

If that's the case, I'm not sure if that's a feature or a bug! wink

I tried a friend's Act Labs gun with MacMAME and decided it wasn't worth it. The best way I've found to play gun games is with the smallest Wacom tablet I've got. It maps directly to the screen, so I can hit anywhere instantly. Not the same feeling as a gun, but it works better than the light gun I tried, or suffering with a mouse.
Speaking of in-game gun calibration, I'm having some trouble with Beast Busters. If I remove the NVRAM file, the game will boot and play fine, but the gun calibration will be way out.

If I drop it into service mode, I can calibrate the three guns, and it will tell me that it has written the calibration to the NVRAM.

Then I flip the service mode DIP switch back over, and reset the machine. The game won't run properly any more. It just displays garbage.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there a problem in MacMAME (0.97, PowerBook G4 15" 1.5GHz, ATi Graphics, OpenGL full screen, using trackpad, Wacom tablet or keyboard for input).
Well, it works for me. I just can't get it to calibrate for anything. At first I thought it was just my bad aiming on my iBook trackpad. But, no, it's the calibration.

Same behavior in MacOSx for v97 and v66.2. My Rom is "Beast Busters (World ?)" and it has 4 guns to calibrate (???).

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