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Posted By: Djinn x-arcade sticking - 01/20/06 10:53 AM
Hey all, I'm new here, but been gaming since I was old enough to reach the controllers.

I recently bought an x-arcade, and I'm ashamed to say I missed the part where you could get the usb adapter with it. I happen to have a ps/2 -> usb adapter lying around and egro hooked it up.

Things work well for the most part, but the controller sticks mostly to the left. It's so far cost me two galga '88 ships, and a devastating loss to Sonya. To make matters worse, a certain son of the devil continues to laugh at my folly.

I know this issue has been discussed a bit before, but I could find no resolution. I seriously doubt it's the adapter, and I would imagine if it were MacMAME I would have had the same problem using the keyboard. Any advice?

Posted By: gdk Re: x-arcade sticking - 01/20/06 12:19 PM
For whatever reason, the X-Arcade is extremely finicky about what adapters it will behave with. Thinking I was a real sly devil, I tried buying a couple different brands of PS/2 to USB adapters that were cheaper than the one offered officially, and found that in every case, the thing just didn't work. At all. The red light would come on, but nothing was being sent between the board and the computer.

My only remedy thus far has been to get an official adapter, and even this one has its quirks. I get intermittent sticking problems, though not as frequently as I did with the Y-Mouse (which is the old peripheral they used to sell with the X-Arcade... it sucked, but it sent data through).
Posted By: Mud Water Re: x-arcade sticking - 01/22/06 11:39 AM
Try 0.97u1 newer version may have problems.
Posted By: James Lloyd Re: x-arcade sticking - 01/24/06 04:55 AM
Hi there:
First up, anyone in the UK should run REALLY FAST to TK Maxx to pick-up a bargain XArcade before they run out. I got mine for 40 quid, but they're down to 27 in the January sales.

Can't vouch for the quality of it yet since I'm waiting for my USB adapter to arrive. I couldn;t get one from the UK suppliers ('sold out til feb') but have sourced one from the New Zealand distributers: http://www.athomedownunder.com/adapters.shtml

They assure me this one doesn;t suffer from the problems associated with either the standard USB/PS2 dongles or the early versions of the XArcade official adapter. I'll wait and see, but this seems to be a decent way tp get the right adapter at the moment. I'll keep you posted.
Posted By: James Lloyd Re: x-arcade sticking - 02/04/06 04:36 PM
My USB adapter DOES have the slight sticking problem on the joystick.
No idea what's up!
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