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Hey all,

This is severly OT, but I'm finally the legal owner of a real board with real ROM's. (Previously it's only been legal ROM's through things like the X-arcade packs, etc.)

Anyway, at the Kansas City arcade auction (www.unitedamusement.com - currently hosed - these guys, God love-em, are stuck in 1982 I think...), I dropped $25 US on Konami's Jail Break. (http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?letter=J&game_id=8221) It was an "original" conversion cab in decent condition, but the screen looked all blurry and faint. And, was the 2nd to last video for sale that day, so there were only a few people left.

Took it home, and cleaned off 21 years of smoke grime (nasty, nasty, nasty) and turns out, the monitor's nearly perfect (slight burnin of whatever the previous game was that isn't noticeable when turned on).

Put a little 3-in-1 oil on the original leaf joystick and went-to-town! I know Jail Break wasn't a game many people played, but I liked it back in the day.

Anyway, the wife hasn't killed me yet (it's been a week), so I just had to share my joy...
That's awesome! Congratulations!

And, judging from its KLOV entry, it looks like Jail Break was an interesting game - I'll have to find the roms and give it a try. smile
I'm in such envy... what's the emoticon for envy?

Say what... here's mine anyway...

Congrats to you!! Would that I could if I was a resident of the 'States and in that state!
25$ is a steal for a working game. You couldn't even buy the material to make one for that.

Congrat's :shadow:
Yep. That was my initial thought. Since it was a conversion, I was going to play it with a "bad monitor" for a little bit, then gut it out, sell the board and marquee, and slap in my 8 yr old, broke ass 21"VGA and an old P3 white-box, and MAME the heck out of it...

Then I got out the Lysol and went to town and found I had a minor gem.

Now I've done more research, and it's a standard non-jamma Konami interface - so, it should run some of my absolute _favorite_ boards natively - Time Pilot, Time Pilot 84, Amidar, Pooyan, Frogger, Commando, Circus Charlie, Tutankhamen, Nemesis (Gradius), Mikie, etc. I might just decide to rotate the monitor and start collecting boards outright.

Boy, summer arcade auctions are the best to go to for buying, worst for selling (unless you're a guy selling multi-arcade boxes or Golden Tee's...). There were at least 10 games, in perfect working condition with decent cabinets, that went for under $100 at this auction. An Aerofighter with a 24"(I think) screen in excellent condition went for just $140 (bought by the guy who turns them into 39 game ultracades on boards I assume he programs himself...)

Ms. Pac-mans were going for under $500. Come Christmas time, you'll see them go for nearly $1000...

For the MAME cabs, they had a super fun, early 90's era no-name racing game (a la road blasters meets APB) with full 360 wheel, working gas pedal, and a shifter that had separate trigger and thumb buttons that went for $65 or $85! If I was actually in the market for a MAME driving box, I would have paid at least $100 for it. (As it is, I have a Turbo control panel, 4 way shifter with chrome stick, and set of pedals collecting dust in the basement...)

Ah well, the _best_ part of any arcade auction though is the free-play time they have _before_ the auction starts. Remember to bring a quarter and get your game on...
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