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Posted By: MisterMD OT - "Game Over" - 08/25/06 08:54 AM
If you haven't seen it already, I thought the regulars on this board would enjoy this short from eatpes.com. A unique homage to the classics.
Posted By: Nathan Strum Re: OT - "Game Over" - 08/25/06 01:40 PM
That's very cool. laugh
Posted By: DaveD Re: OT - "Game Over" - 08/25/06 05:36 PM
That was very cool. As are some of the other short films on that site. Thanks for the link.
Posted By: Marchalis Re: OT - "Game Over" - 08/25/06 10:20 PM
Posted By: nf_ Re: OT - "Game Over" - 08/26/06 10:24 PM

I got this one sent recently, I think its hilarious :-)

Posted By: SpiceWare Re: OT - "Game Over" - 08/27/06 07:00 AM
Neat, thanx for the find!
Posted By: Bidwellian Re: OT - "Game Over" - 08/30/06 10:26 PM
Awesome stop-motion animation.
Posted By: patmcfar8 Re: OT - "Game Over" - 08/31/06 09:45 PM
Very creative!
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