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Posted By: Zaxter Favorites, Old and New - 09/11/06 10:28 PM
Hi All

Well, a search for "favorites" and "faves" didn't bring up much, so I thought I'd ask...Was just wondering what games people are enjoying lately, and was hoping someone might share some ideas for new games to try. I was a Sega arcade freak back in the day. Used to make little animations on my Amiga, trying to do my own "Space Harrier" emulation...haha (you had to love Deluxe Paint III with that scaling). Anyway, here's a list of my all-time faves...how bout yours?

720 Degrees
After Burner II
Altered Beast
Bad Dudes
Double Dragon
Elevator Action
Ghouls n Ghosts
Golden Axe
Karate Champ
Kung-Fu Master
Mad Planets (I had forgotten this one, loaded by mistake recently, very fun and addictive!)
Major Havoc
Out Run
Pole Position II
Road Blasters
Rolling Thunder
Smash TV
Space Harrier
Star Wars
Super Hang-On
The Legend of Kage

Posted By: John Hood Re: Favorites, Old and New - 09/11/06 11:04 PM
In no particular order here's my 'top 5':

Out Run
Space Harrier
Star Wars
After Burner
Posted By: Vas Crabb Re: Favorites, Old and New - 09/12/06 04:51 AM
Some games I've really enjoyed, in random order:

Bubble Bobble
Sunset Riders
Snow Bros
Macross 2
Posted By: jonceramame Re: Favorites, Old and New - 09/12/06 08:55 AM
Some of my MacMAME faves

SWAT (played tons in the Alladin's castle - took me decades to remember the name/game. Used to search klov one game at a time to try and find!)
Pang/Buster Bros.
Rompers (Rhett - this would work awesome on your system. Really cool puzzle/action game.)

Others in green...
10 yard fight
Astro Invader
Bank Panic
Carnival (played to death in a motel one weekend - will never get tired of it)
Circus Charlie
Cloak and Dagger
Donkey Kong 3
Dragon Breed
Frogger (awesome with arrow keys!)
Go Go! Mile Smile
Jail Break (My first full upright purchase! Check out the proud pappa pic on my myspace profile!)
Moon Patrol
Mr. Do!
Pop 'n Bounce
Quiz & Dragons
Rally X
Satan's Hollow (Rhett!)
Sea Wolf
Sky Diver
Syusse Oozumou (Freakin awesome sumo wrestling! Rhett - another one for you!)
The Speed Rumbler
Time Pilot
Time Pilot 84
Wizard of Wor
Eyes (Rhettable)
Dr. Toppel's Adventure (awesome scrolling vertical shooter with a weird dragon breed/gradius following helper system)
Prehistoric Isle in 1930
Rolling Thunder

Phew! That's a lot, and not exclusive. I tried to throw in some that people might not have heard of, and tried to only include the classics I only truly love.
Posted By: DaveD Re: Favorites, Old and New - 09/12/06 05:47 PM
Here's a list of 74 forgotten classics compiled by Nathan, myself, and a few other contributers who frequented this board from a few years ago.
Posted By: nickstock Re: Favorites, Old and New - 09/13/06 08:28 AM
Really into Panic Bomber, Mars Matrix, Blazing Star and Money Exchanger at the moment....some of those vertical puzzle games can keep you going for hours!!!
Posted By: jonceramame Re: Favorites, Old and New - 09/13/06 10:17 AM
Yeah, I finally tripped upon your classics page with SWAT about 3 months after I finally found it myself. Coulda saved about 2 years of searching... frown

And, why you doggin' on Kickman, Nathan? My dad and I used to play that together at Aladdin's Castle (only game he'd play with me - video games were a waste of quarters...). The frantic pace on a real machine with the big 2-way trackball was actually a blast! Got my adrenaline going big time!
Posted By: Spottedfeather Re: Favorites, Old and New - 09/14/06 08:06 AM
Lately, I've really been into....
Space Invaders
the Marvel/Capcom games
Discs Of Tron
PacMan(and Ms. Pacman)
Ghouls N' Ghosts
Ghosts N' Goblins
Quiz & Dragons(I used to spend hours playing this at 7-11)
Dig Dug
Burger Time
Donkey Kong

Playing the games that I used to love when I was a kid is really awesome and brings back a lot of great feelings. It's really too bad that there aren't too many arcades like when we were little. What with all the XBoxs, Gamecubes, Nintendo DS, and PSPs, people don't really have to go out to play games anymore. The arcades that ARE still left, usually only have really old, crappy games that no one really wants to play anymore(or never did) or games that people DO want to play but most of which are out of order. Too bad. I really loved going to arcades when I was younger. The sounds of the bells, alarms, games, and people yelling and laughing, etc. The really horrible, garish carpet, the blinking/neon lights made you feel so great.
Posted By: nf_ Re: Favorites, Old and New - 09/14/06 03:06 PM
Puyo Puyo
Puzzle Bobble
Metal Slug Series
Fatal Fury Series
Waku Waku 7
Golden Axe - The Revenge of Death Adder
Posted By: Slick Mandela Re: Favorites, Old and New - 09/14/06 08:27 PM
Everyone, play Zoo Keeper (which is available on Taito Legends). Loads of fun.
Posted By: Zaxter Re: Favorites, Old and New - 09/16/06 12:22 AM
Thanks so much, you guys! Hey, how about best games of the 90's?

Posted By: DaveD Re: Favorites, Old and New - 09/16/06 02:03 AM
Hey, how about best games of the 90's?
Ha! That's a good one! A real knee slapper! :p
Posted By: jonceramame Re: Favorites, Old and New - 09/18/06 02:03 AM

Try Borench. Kind of like marble madness meets tetris?

1941's not bad.

King of Dragons is kinda like the D&D series.
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