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Posted By: Nathan Strum Way OT - looking for advice - 02/23/05 11:08 PM
This is about as off-topic as it gets. But I'll try and tie it into MAME somehow.

First off, I'm looking for an OS X FTP client. Preferably cheap. I've used Fetch and Interarchy in the past, and both have been sufficient. I'm looking for something that's a good, basic app. It doesn't need frills or high-end features (even decent freeware would be fine). I just need something to periodically upload/download files with.

And... I can use it to update the Screenshot Library. Yeah. That works.

Second, I'm thinking of getting an FM transmitter for my iPod. There aren't any hard-wired options available for my car (yet), so I'm looking for something under $50 that works reasonably well. I've pretty much decided against the iTrip, because I've heard and read mostly bad reviews of it. XtremeMac's AirPlay seems the likeliest candidate at this point, but I don't know anyone who has one yet. Suggestions?

I need one so I can listen to the Tron soundtrack. In may car. Without the CD. Yeah, that's it. wink
Posted By: Richard Bannister Re: Way OT - looking for advice - 02/24/05 01:03 AM
Command line FTP seems to be the most reliable. I'm still using Fetch, but to be honest it's quite buggy; from time to time the upload jams for no apparent reason.

Private FM Transmitters are illegal in Ireland, so I can't help you there...
Posted By: Isaac Re: Way OT - looking for advice - 02/24/05 01:03 AM
Originally posted by Nathan Strum:
First off, I'm looking for an OS X FTP client. Preferably cheap. I've used Fetch and Interarchy in the past, and both have been sufficient. I'm looking for something that's a good, basic app. It doesn't need frills or high-end features (even decent freeware would be fine). I just need something to periodically upload/download files with.
Well, I used Transmit 2.6.1 at first because it was straight-foward and didn't have the OS9 GUI look. Then YummyFTP came out and stuck with that one for a bit. Around this time, both seemed and worked almost identical but YummyFTP offered some small details that took it over Transmit. Now I've switched back to Transmit 3.0 because of its feature of using Tabs for each site. They are not free though ($25 - YummyFTP and $30 - Transmit) but you ought to check them out anyway.

Posted By: John Hood Re: Way OT - looking for advice - 02/24/05 01:47 AM
Aside from the excellent FTP client suggestions thus far. Consider Cyberduck !
Posted By: mahuti Re: Way OT - looking for advice - 02/24/05 05:08 AM
I would not consider Cyberduck, just FYI. I made some extensive comparisons of FTP clients over the past few years... ever since OSX came on the scene. Hands down, the easiest & most feature full to use are Transmit and Yummy FTP. Transmit 3 just came out... on the surface it looks fine, its predecessor was close to great. I quit using Transmit 2.6 because it would randomly quit uploading or downloading thousands of files & folders... with no way to continue the transfer in its correct place, and syncronization didn't work very well. I often install applications with 10,000 to 50,000 files, and find it's inconvenient to manage an FTP transfer. Transmit 2.6.1 also would pause uploading with messages... could not figure a way to get the messages to not show... no matter what preference I used. Transmist would have problems deleting files sometimes, too, or over writing them.

I'm assuming most of these issues have been taken care of in Transmit 3.0. I know for a fact these issues don't occur with YummyFTP, and they have excellent support and an interest in furthering their product, adding features and fixing bugs. Something that Panic did not concentrate on very well for the last few years. I use YummyFTP to great effect. My business partner doesn't seem to have as much luck. I think it may be due to his configuration of it... I think I changed a setting for him and it works, but he swears by Transmit. He doesn't do as much fancy FTP stuff as I do, though, so that might make the difference.

As for Cyberduck and the rest, they all had minor, yet irritating issues... for instance; no syncronization, too many messages, not enough control over permissions, no integrated text editor, or linked editor support, no support for SFTP, and various firewall, passive transfer problems, slow upload / download, slow deleting of hundreds of files, or issues with certain file types etc.

Roughly, though, the following are in the "Competent" category.. varying prices.

Captain FTP
Posted By: Vas Crabb Re: Way OT - looking for advice - 02/24/05 06:48 AM
I use RBrowserLite (because it's free) when I want a GUI. It's fast and stable, supports changing permissions, etc. When I don't want a GUI, I just use the supplied command-line client.
Posted By: mahuti Re: Way OT - looking for advice - 02/24/05 08:10 AM
Oh, and for fm transmitters... I like the iRock transmitter. It's about $40 (has power adapter or battery option)

It's not the smallest, or the fullest featured, but it has a lot of power, 4 stations, and you can use it on more than just the iPod (I use it for my iBook for surround sound DVD audio in the car.. not for the driver of course.
Posted By: patmcfar8 Re: Way OT - looking for advice - 02/24/05 10:46 PM
I use Transmit. 2.6.2... it works great for me, but I upload and download just a few files a month. I'd be very interested in Transmit 3 though.

I just got a new car that doesn't have a tape deck, so I had to buy an iTrip. I got it for like $24 so I wouldn't feel bad if it sucked.

It doesn't suck and you can tune into an infinite amount of station frequencies, but the sound quality isn't as good as I was used to with the tape adaptor.

So, I'm still looking for a better option... please fill me in on what you end up with and how it works. Thanks and good luck.
Posted By: Isaac Re: Way OT - looking for advice - 02/24/05 10:58 PM
I was going to go the route of the FM transmitters when using my iPod but decided against it after all the bad reviews I read on the internet. So, I ended up getting a cheap JVC CD deck ($89) with an audio input jack instead. Of course you can plug anyelse in like mahuti does too.
Posted By: DaveD Re: Way OT - looking for advice - 02/24/05 11:04 PM
I'll second the "ignore Cyberduck" sentiment. It doesn't seem very reliable for me. The price is right but you get what you pay for.

Actually I just bought Interarchy for myself. I've been using this app since it was called Anarchy and I've grown used to the interface and the fact that it always works the way it's supposed to. I think it was about $40 but I thought it was worth it.
Posted By: Invader Re: Way OT - looking for advice - 02/25/05 12:29 AM
I've used Fetch, and have done for the last 2 years... the current version is very stable, no problems thus far uploading large files, and I particularly like the integration with BBEdit/Lite - you can download any text file and have the option in the 'right-click menu' to open it directly in BBEdit/Lite. Truly a great time saver for me as I have to make textual updates and changes to my phpBB forum almost daily.

I'm also in the market for a FM transmitter for my newly acquired iPod Mini, so I'd be interested to see this thread grow with additional suggestions.
Posted By: mahuti Re: Way OT - looking for advice - 02/25/05 01:57 AM
I had an iTrip. It was very stable, and reliable, but underpowered. It was also too difficutl to change a station (while driving), or explain to someone how to change to a different station. In LA, it's tough to find a consistent station that will work well with an iTrip. On long distance trips, however, I like the itrip because it is so streamlined with the iPod. Nebraskans wll find it a great product. LA people won't.
Posted By: japtor Re: Way OT - looking for advice - 02/25/05 04:25 PM
iirc ipodlounge liked the airplay. smaller and easier to use cause the built in display, and they found it to be a more powerful transmitter. if i were getting a transmitter id probably get the airplay. only things i have against it are that it doesnt use the dock (line out) and is ipod only, but those arent that big a deal.

[edit: checked out the ipodlounge forums and found vastly varying reports w/the airplay. dont know if theres a batch of bad ones or just differing opinions or what. so uh, if you buy it get it from a place thats easy with returns i guess.]

as for ftp, i barely use it, my needs are super basic. so with that in mind, heres the crap ive used:
cli ftp - well it works as long as you know the basic commands. i use it when im too lazy to open an app (although the amount of typing is probably more work).
golive - sorta ghetto, slow, but its worked for simple syncing and uploading to my site.
fetch - uh, havent used it in a while. screwed up some transfers for me before so i ditched it.
fireftp - firefox extension, turns the browser window into a 2 paned ftp client basically. been using this since i was told about it a while ago until...
cyberduck - never heard of it until a similar thread showed up on another forum. tried it out and it works for my basic needs so far. using the last 'final' version instead of the betas, not sure how much a difference that makes. it can integrate with subethaedit or textwrangler or whatever which is nice i guess.
Posted By: gdk Re: Way OT - looking for advice - 02/26/05 12:09 PM
Transmit is a sexy little app. Been using it since the 1.x days, it's given me the least amount of fuss of any FTP client I've used. 3.0 added a whole bunch of little goodies like tabs and more connections modes (aside from the standard FTP and SFTP). Plus, the Panic seems really eager to make a quality product. Their tech support has always been some of the most personal correspondence I've ever had with developers.

30 smackers ain't cheap, but you wouldn't be disappointed.
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