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Apple + Q

Posted By: Nostrildomus

Apple + Q - 10/31/07 08:22 PM

Anybody able to help me wire up a button to Quit MacMame ? Or program my iPAC to be able to Quit with a single button and not have to use my keyboard.

Posted By: Vas Crabb

Re: Apple + Q - 10/31/07 10:11 PM

Not much you can do. Try SDLMAME instead - it has single-key exit.
Posted By: Nostrildomus

Re: Apple + Q - 11/01/07 08:36 PM

I figured it out. I was easily able to program the iPAC using one of the Macros. I am easily able to switch between EmuLaunch & MacMAME with the push of a single arcade button.
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