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Posted By: patrick 99e99 sounds in donkey kong - 12/30/07 09:35 AM
Hi everyone,

I have several donkey kong roms, but I am noticing when the game starts, there is no sound when donkey kong jumps/bounces-- and mario has no walking sound either.. Yet the other sounds (DK laughing, jumping over a barrel, hammer hitting barrel) all work fine. So I am wondering, what is the reason for certain sounds to be missing?


Posted By: Tafoid Re: sounds in donkey kong - 12/30/07 01:32 PM
MacMAME is based on older versions of MAME, the last being in the 0.103 range, I believe. The Donkey Kong sound used to need samples to be complete, but as of MAME 0.116, samples were no longer required. So, it would sound like you need samples if you wish to use MacMAME - get them here: HERE. Make sure you check the OLDER SAMPLES, as they would be located in that menu.

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