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Posted By: Mike Haggar Crash when exporting some gym/vgz to wav - 12/11/13 06:16 AM

N00b alert! I've been outta the loop for a while now. Any help would be awesome.

I recently retired my iMac G4 powerPC (running Tiger), and got a new iMac running Mountain Lion. Downloaded AO 2.0 and was trying to continue where I left off exporting some game music to wav files.

I have no problems with spc, nsf, gbs, or psf. Certain gym/vgz however cause AO to crash when I try to export. Some files work (The Immortal), but others (Altered Beast, Ghouls N Ghosts) give me trouble. I'm allowed to name the file and set the duration, but clicking "save" leads to a crash.

Is this an obvious issue I'm unaware of, or are my gym/vgz files corrupt maybe?
Do the problematic files play normally when you aren't exporting?
Yep, they play okay. I'm gonna try to find the gym/vgz files somewhere else and maybe those ones will work. Would the crash log be of any help?
Probably not, but can you point me to the specific files that are crashing?
I just realized it only crashes when the song ends in AO before I can finish the export process. What I mean is there's a ten second tune in Altered Beast for example. It's the crystal ball theme between levels. So I play the track, click export to WAV from the file pulldown menu, have to give the file a name (followed by .wav of course), and click "save" before the song finishes playing or else it fails to export and AO crashes.

Maybe it was always this way and I just forgot because it's been so long since I last used AO.
Well, regardless, it shouldn't crash smile
No big deal really. I've found a workaround method to record the short duration sounds, but can anyone else confirm this issue? Try to export any short gym track and see if it crashes.
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