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Posted By: Lejes Problems with Video recording in Nestopia 1.24 - 01/18/06 09:54 AM
I just recently found out about the new release of the emulator. When i load my game and attempt to play back a nsv video i made in 1.09 it won't work, says invalid file. This is dissapointing because i had alot of games recorded that won't work anymore and i wanted to convert them to avi. Also, i've tried multiple new recordings with the 1.24 version and when i'm done and stop the video and try to play it back, it says invalid file once again.
Movies made in 1.09 simply will not work in 1.24. I think the movie and savestate formats were overhauled for 1.20, and the author decided not to support pre-1.20 movies and savestates. Sorry.

In 1.24, there is a bug with MMC3 games, I believe, which disallows movie and savestate creation with them. I posted this on the bug tracker already, and has been fixed.
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