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Posted By: BootGod Video scaling question - 01/17/06 08:12 AM
Nothing special but is there any way to enable fullscreen stretch without using the command-line? I've never seen or figured out how to enable that from the GUI.

BTW, looking forward to blargg's NTSC video emulation filter:)
Posted By: Marty Re: Video scaling question - 01/17/06 02:57 PM
I'm beginning to wonder if there's a bug somewhere or maybe just a design flaw, because I hear this question a lot. Anyway, Menu -> View -> Screen Size -> Max or the Alt+S shortkey will do a fullscreen stretch.
Posted By: BootGod Re: Video scaling question - 01/18/06 08:35 AM
Ah I see, right in front of my face the whole time smile I think the reason that never occurred to me, is that I just kinda assumed that items under "screen size" were only applicable to windowed mode. Thanks for the response!
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