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Posted By: crocomire [WinMe] Error in startup - 01/23/06 08:00 AM
Oh ****, I have an error in emulator startup... frown

Nestopia cause an error in NESTOPIA.EXE
Nestopia will now close

I put unicows.dll in nestopia folder (I have Win Me), and now I don't understand why this happen...

No problems with Nestopia 1.23
Posted By: Marty Re: [WinMe] Error in startup - 01/23/06 04:06 PM
To fix this, I'll need a guinea pig. Mail me in private and I'll send some debugging builds. The same goes for Win2k users who have problem with the "nestopia.cfg" file not being saved.
Posted By: crocomire Re: [WinMe] Error in startup - 01/24/06 11:09 AM
I tested the version that you send to me, but the same error continues happening...

If you made some new change in code, send to me and I will test it.

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