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Posted By: vitaflo Crash on quit (OS X) - 01/27/06 07:10 AM
Nestopia seems to crash for me without fail whenever I quit the program in OS X. I am of course using the latest version of the Emu and the latest version of Bannister's Emulation Enhancer, on Tiger.

Any insight here?
Posted By: Richard Bannister Re: Crash on quit (OS X) - 01/27/06 01:44 PM
For what it's worth, I'm tearing apart the shell code at the moment to make it work as a Universal Binary, so I wouldn't worry too much about bugs in the existing version. I'm in the process of implementing a whole new set at the moment! smile
Posted By: vitaflo Re: Crash on quit (OS X) - 01/28/06 08:19 AM
LOL. No worries. Just tryin to help! Looking forward to it!
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