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v1.40 released

Posted By: Richard Bannister

v1.40 released - 06/08/08 09:08 PM

...but only for the Mac so far :-)


No doubt Marty will have the Windows version up momentarily...
Posted By: R. Belmont

Re: v1.40 released - 06/08/08 09:19 PM

Err, was that final 1.40 code Marty sent out? I thought it was a beta smile
Posted By: Richard Bannister

Re: v1.40 released - 06/08/08 09:55 PM

He told me to release it...
Posted By: Marty

Re: v1.40 released - 06/08/08 10:06 PM

Yeah, the files I sent you are ready to go.

As for the Windows release. Source Forge has recently changed their release process and I'm being refused access to their SFTP file upload server, so I guess my release will have to wait until this is solved.
Posted By: Mike S.

Re: v1.40 released - 06/08/08 10:57 PM

Mr. Belmont is slipping. 1.38 and 1.39 have been obsoleted, and Linux is stuck at 1.37 :P (no offense intended here)
Posted By: R. Belmont

Re: v1.40 released - 06/08/08 11:03 PM

Mr. Belmont has been severely limited in free time the last 2 months or so due to work (the thing that pays for my nice Linux machine), and he's also trying to make sure the next Linux NEStopia has more features than the Space Shuttle[1]. This all combines to mean you're gonna wait, and you're gonna like it.

[1] today's additions: the file picker now remembers where you last picked a file, the latest (faster/cleaner) 7zip decoder code was integrated, coin inputs were added so you can play the Vs. games, and I just laid out the cheat manager window in Glade.
Posted By: Marty

Re: v1.40 released - 06/09/08 04:31 PM

While waiting for Source Forge to fix their login issue, here's what's new in the v1.40 core:


- Preliminary Dendy console support. Fixes Magistr (Subor) and some other 'clone exclusives'. Info from Flamer and HardWareMan.
- DMC DMA read conflicts. Info from blargg and bunnyboy.
- Mapper 177, 179, 219 and 221. Info from CaH4e3.
- Database entries.


- Better and more flexible PPU address line implementation at the expense of some speed.
- Database entries.
- Refactoring.


- Wrong palette sometimes when switching to/from VS images.
- Wrong image information sometimes, e.g. battery when there isn't any.
- Save state NTSC/PAL mode saving.
- Minor save state inaccuacy fix with tape recording.

Posted By: Slick Mandela

Re: v1.40 released - 06/11/08 03:48 AM

Rats, this new version seems to have messed up some of my freezes.
Posted By: Marty

Re: v1.40 released - 06/11/08 05:55 AM

Windows version is out.
Posted By: Eugene.S

Re: v1.40 released - 06/11/08 01:01 PM

Thanks Marty. It's great release!
Posted By: CloudOfSmoke

Re: v1.40 released - 06/12/08 01:40 AM

New Windows version and the updated icon's are nice. Great job Marty (and team). smile I knew that this was my favorite NES emu for a reason. Any chance that the icons will be Vista ready (256x256 icons) in the future?

BTW: What happened to the html Readme? Before version 1.38, the Readme has was really extensive, descriptive and helpful on all of the features/tools in the emulator. Now it is extremely skimp in the newer versions.
Posted By: Paratech

Re: v1.40 released - 06/12/08 04:14 AM

Thank you. I only hope when the time comes that I'll be able to understand how to compile the Linux version. I'm still mega newbie when it comes to Linux.

No, I'm not asking for a date or rushing Arbee, I'm patient and waiting for cool things to happen. I just think this might be easier to compile than SDLMAME?

Am I wrong?

Posted By: R. Belmont

Re: v1.40 released - 06/12/08 05:08 AM

Actually it has more prereqs than SDLMAME (given the GUI) but it's at least as easy to build in most cases.
Posted By: Monotremata

Re: v1.40 released - 06/14/08 08:09 PM

YAAAAAY! Thanks Mr B!!
(and for the new Emu Enhancer as well!!)

Thought I was having trouble with bad freezes too but nope..
At first I was playing Ninja Gaiden and opened a Faxanadu freeze file and it got horribly warped.
Opened up Faxanadu itself THEN opened the freeze file and YAY i just got my butt killed on the way back to town! Thank god for the freeze function!
Works a charm!!
Posted By: R. Belmont

Re: v1.40 released - 06/15/08 02:17 AM

Here's a status report on what's going into the upcoming Linux version.

And one more tidbit for the day.
Posted By: Mike S.

Re: v1.40 released - 06/15/08 05:34 AM

Neat... but what exactly is Lite Surround and Stereo Exciter?

I never really got the point to the "stereo" option anyway, it just makes me head feel unbalanced smirk
Posted By: R. Belmont

Re: v1.40 released - 06/15/08 05:37 AM

They're hard to describe, but mostly they'll make your head even more unbalanced smile
Posted By: Eugene.S

Re: v1.40 released - 06/15/08 06:15 AM

This is a russian translate v1.40
(by Flamer and ALLiGaToR)

Posted By: veenom

Re: v1.40 released - 06/16/08 04:30 PM

looks like so much work is going into linux version smile
Posted By: Cesco

Re: v1.40 released - 06/20/08 06:43 PM

Thanks, and as Richard Bannister writes:

Posted By: Slick Mandela

Re: v1.40 released - 06/22/08 04:46 PM

Found a bug on the Mac Intel version 1.4.0: Contra (U) freezes a few seconds into gameplay. The 1.3.7 version runs it just fine.
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