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NTSC filter uses wrong border color

Posted By: Dwedit

NTSC filter uses wrong border color - 11/09/08 07:34 PM

The NTSC filter uses Black as the border color, when it should be using the NES's background color instead. A real TV displays the NES's background color inside the overscan area.
Posted By: blargg

Re: NTSC filter uses wrong border color - 11/16/08 07:52 PM

How odd, Nestopia actually searches for the blackest color in its palette and uses that. Should be trivial to change it to use palette entry 0. The function is GetBlack() in NstVideoFilterNtsc.cpp line 120, which ultimately sets lut.black as used in BlitType() on line 142. I'm not familiar enough to know where it can get access to NES palette RAM, though (the palette it has a reference to looks to be an RGB version of the full NES palette, rather than palette RAM).
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