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Posted By: McMean Nestopia - vsync and buffering? - 08/09/14 07:23 PM
Hi all,
Back at building a MAME since my first (and only) back in 2006. It's like riding a bicycle in many ways.. but lots of other things have changed. Right now, I'm deciding between using MESS to run NES or Nestopia to run NES. For Nestopia to work perfectly... only issue is that darned side scroll tearing.

I've read elsewhere to 'turn off vsync' and 'turn on triple buffering' as a potential solution but I'm unable to find where to do this.

Thanks for any help,
Posted By: R. Belmont Re: Nestopia - vsync and buffering? - 08/09/14 07:24 PM
Are you asking about NEStopia or MESS? Those options would apply to MESS, but NEStopia is different.
Posted By: McMean Re: Nestopia - vsync and buffering? - 08/09/14 07:28 PM
NEStopia. I guess I mis-read the solution then?

Let me re-phrase then I guess... Other than the monitor being in its native resolution, is there a tried and true method to reduce / remove tearing when using NEStopia?

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