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MAME will be compatible with it ASAP, but it's going to take time for it to filter out and for people to find the worst of the bugs and so 1.2.15 will remain the supported default. (In particular, I'm not expecting Linux distros to have their act completely together on this until November-ish when Fedora 20 and the next Ubuntu both are due).
So they really did it this week wink! Do you know if SDL joystick support changed in (m)any way(s)? If so I might have to port QMC2's code as well...
The old joystick API remains unchanged. There's a new simplified one which assumes all the world is an xbox 360 controller and lets you assume from there; that works as long as they recognize the controller you really have and have a built-in mapping I gather smile

Also force feedback is supported so you can rumble on ROMalyzer failure now ;-)
LOL smile! Thanks for the info!
RB, any news on this? I've been holding off upgrading SDL until someone says something, but I'm wondering if I missed it.

Nothing yet. The Linux packaging situation is more screwed up than I anticipated so we're sticking with 1.2.15 for the moment, and 1.2.15 still works fine with Mavericks on the Mac side.
I'm not interested for compatibility reasons; I've been dreaming of multiple screens since sdlmame debuted. smile Baby steps, I know.

Thanks again.

Multiple screens in fullscreen doesn't work right now, which is one reason SDL 2 isn't a supported option yet smile
I see there's an SDL 2.0.1 update available. Hope that addresses the initial bugs.

I've also been waiting for multiple screen support on the Mac for many years. Since you say it doesn't work in fullscreen mode, does that mean it currently works in windowed mode?
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