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Posted By: belegdol New dependency - bgfx - 03/07/16 08:01 PM
Hi all,

since 0.171 bgfx is a preferred backend. Ideally, for Linux packages it should be packaged separately and mame should link to it. Has anyone done any work on packaging bgfx? It does not seem to be particularly suited to that on the first glance.
Posted By: qmc2 Re: New dependency - bgfx - 03/08/16 07:11 AM
Why that? It's integrated in MAME's source code in order to avoid having to package it separately (and to have control over the version in use).
Posted By: Vas Crabb Re: New dependency - bgfx - 03/08/16 07:45 AM
Yeah, BGFX ABI is quite unstable. I don't think you can safely package a shared lib version of it, and if you packaged/installed a static lib it would need to be in sync with MAME source which would be a nightmare to maintain.
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