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Posted By: CRP Mame UI slow with big snap.zip archive - 09/02/16 07:58 PM
Did anyone else notice that lately mame's new UI has become really slow when browsing games, if it is set up to show screenshots? In my case I have a 1.4GB zip file of screenshots, but I distinctly remember speed to be perfectly acceptable a few releases ago.

Slow means that, after pressing up or down I have to wait approx 3 seconds before the previous/next game is selected. As said, previously selection would change instantly (and the displayed image with it).
When I comment out the snapshot path in the ini file no screenshot is displayed in the UI, and selection is quick as expected.

I am on Mac OS X 10.11.6 with mame 0.177 compiled from source
Yep, but it was a few releases ago that PD switched to zips for all the extras, until then I was using an unzipped snap directory. I just unzipped the snap.zip and its fine again.
Posted By: pakoman Re: Mame UI slow with big snap.zip archive - 05/12/21 01:55 PM
I know this a very old post, however I had the same problem when upgrading to a more powerful computer and the faster computer was going slower.

In my case the solution was just fixing a typo in the paths in mame.ini.
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