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Posted By: wallyweek Include whatsnew.txt in source tarball? - 08/04/17 04:04 PM
We used to build the source tarball for Debian/Ubuntu from the git repository tar.gz's, adding some stuff from the build repository (namely whatsnew.txt and cfg/* from mamedirs.zip).

Recently we switched to the proper, automated way of searching/downloading/building the updated source tarball and we had to drop the additional stuff as adding files is not provided, and we would like to avoid writing non-standard scripts.

This may look a silly question but please, could you consider a way to distribute whatsnew.txt and mamedirs.zip with the source?

mamedirs.zip is an annoying thing. The trouble is that the current frankenbuild system makes it virtually impossible to make a proper "make stage" target for the official Windows binary package. It causes trouble for me as well, but I can't see a good way of fixing it without switching to CMake or something, and changing build system again would be another big upheaval (and a lot of work).

That said, I can probably move the mamedirs.zip content into the main source tree at some point if there are no valid objections. Including whatsnew with source may be a bit more complicated.
Well, the stuff formerly in mamedirs.zip is now in the main repo, and the hacky dist.mak replaces some (but not all) of the stuff in release.bat for Windows releases (note that SDL- and OSX-specific tools are not copied by dist.mak and neither are directories that need to be copied recursively). Hopefully this makes things a little easier.
Thanks Vas, really appreciated. I'll have a look as soon as possible. smile
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