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Hi all,

For those not familiar with the evil patch set here is a short intro, for the others skip to the end of this message for the link. The name was conjured by RB and this patchset has this name because it introduces features which are one way or another evil and thus will not be added to the official SDLmame sources. I decided I liked the name as it makes clear that these are features not supported by RB or OG and thus you should not (EVER, NEVER!) contact them about this.

Okay, well with that said, as the subject says this patch adds support for the scale2x effect, there is infrastructure for more effects, this is just a proof of concept.

To use scale2x start with "-prescale 2 -prescale_effect 1" or "-prescale 3 -prescale_effect 1"

Notice that this version also recognises the following hotkeys for in game changing of osd settings:
* left-control + F3, toggle fullstretch on/off
* left-control + F4, toggle keepaspect on/off
* left-control + F5, toggle opengl filtering
* left-control + F6, decrease prescaling
* left-control + F7, increase prescaling
* left-control + F8, decrease effect
* left-control + F9, increase effect
* left-control + F10, toggle between soft / opengl rendering

Notice that although there are increase / decrease effect hotkeys there currently only is one effect, so they are more disable/enable keys atm.

For good measure this patchset also includes keybled support, as documented before in order for this to work users must make a small change to their xkb configuration.

For older versions of X users must edit /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb/compat/basic and change "indicator.allowExplicit" from False to True and then restart their X server.

For newer versions they must edit both:
And remove the '!' in front of allowExplicit and then restart their X server.

Once this is done you can test of application control of the leds is allowed by running the following cmds from a terminal:
xset led 1
xset -led 1
xset led 2
xset -led 2

Well with that all said here is the patch:

One last note, since I don't want to polute the forum with a new topic for the scale2x patch each sdlmame release I will most likely post a link to the updated version under the announcement thread for the next versions!

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Patched and compiled successfully on my G5/Radeon X800XT. Pacman runs at 120 frames a second, some newer neogeo games I tried at 75%.

Seems like the problems I reported earlier with the intel build are indeed video card related.

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