Would there be a way of supporting cheats for separate games (so different cheats load when you swap games), possibly in the MAME format?

I've converted cheats from my old FCE Ultra database to NSP files. The only thing is, they all appear in the same area leaving you with about 1000 cheats for different games in the one section!

I suggested the MAME/MESS/HazeMD format as it would be easy to convert existing MESS cheats, minus the :nes: or :nespal: part.

The MAME cheat format has a major advantage over most formats as it supports once-only cheats (e.g. Get 99 Ammo Now!) and the all-important 16/24/32-bit options, making it a lot easier to make single cheats for values which are more than one byte, such as warping Mario from one place to another (like from position 002D to 05B7), or when you want to enable all weapons on another game, which might stretch from RAM location 0442 to 044E. Instead of having 12 cheats with 0x01 in them which have to be manually run in FCE Ultra, you only need to hit one cheat in the MESS format, which is just 3 linked 32-bit cheats.

The only thing it wouldn't like is the :nes:crc32 bit at the start. The CRC32 is of course the prg+chr ROM checksum in one.