I wasn't really sure whether to ask here or the usual cheats forum (the MESS side looks a bit dead there!), but...

For the record I used ibmpca with two 5.25" disk images on load; DOS 3.20 in A: and a version of Digger (yes, the Mr Do! type game) in B:.

When a cheat is saved (hit S in the Add Cheat menu, OldUI) it only saves under the CRC-32 of the first disk. In other words, if you use A: drive as your boot drive and B: as your game drive, cheats won't save correctly. As in, they would all be added under the same CRC regardless of which disk is in the B: drive.

Rather than saving the CRC of the disk image (which would change on every write), would there be any way to save the CRC of the actual program running instead?

For an off-topic laugh, the Digger hung with an orange write protect error message after it tried to save a high score to the ZIPped disk image (or something else)! laugh