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MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 05249: [Sound] (pce.c) pce: Missing sound from console (no HuC or MSM)
just CD/DA (Osso)
- 05347: [Graphics] (a7800.c) a7800 [digdugu]: Line of garbage graphics
on game screen
- 05448: [Graphics] (a7800.c) a7800 [xeviousu]: Line Below Score Display
under Xevious
- 05450: [Graphics] (a7800.c) a7800 [hattricku]: Grey Line At Top Of
Playfield under Hat Trick
- 05451: [Graphics] (a7800.c) a7800 [midnightu]: Line at Bottom of Playfield
under Midnight Mutants
- 05453: [Graphics] (a7800.c) a7800 [planetsmu]: Difficulty selection text
improved but some corruption still present.
- 05454: [Graphics] (a7800.c) a7800 [ddragonu]: Corrupted scanline in score display
still present but moved up from previous position.
- 05455: [Graphics] (a7800.c) a7800 [commandou]: Corrupted text improved but still
there on title/difficulty selection screen.
- 05456: [Graphics] (a7800.c) a7800 [plutos]: Line glitch at top of screen below score
display, and towards the bottom of the gameplay field.
- 05457: [Speed] (a7800.c) a7800 [1on1u]: 'Shot' clock & 'Game Time Remaining' clock
countdown too fast; makes game unplayable.
- 05443: [Core] when launching softlist items without the media switch, MESS ignores
hashpath option from mess.ini (micko)
- 05381: [Crash/Freeze] (atari400.c) All sets in atari400.c which use a800_flop.xml:
Crash when obtaining a list of approximate matches (Fabio Priuli)
- 05436: [Crash/Freeze] (ec184x.c) ec1841, ec1845: Fatal Exception (Osso)
- 05437: [Graphics] (msx.c) nms8220, nms8220a: [debug] Graphics regression (Osso)
- 05297: [Color/Palette] (rmnimbus.c) nimbus: Palette differences between regular and
debug builds (Osso)
- 05398: [Core] (hp48.c) hp49g: [debug] Debug shows corrupt graphics when compared to
regular compile (Osso)
- 05483: bbcb [demo]: Fatal error: Illegal operation on unmounted image
(src/emu/diimage.h:261) (Fabio Priuli)

New System Drivers Supported:
-Bandai Super Vision 8000 [ranger_lennier, Charles McDonald, Wilbert Pol, Robbbert]
-Apple IIe (UK) [R. Belmont]
-Apple IIe (Enhanced, UK) [R. Belmont]
-Pecom 32 [Zarko Zivanov, Miodrag Milanovic]
-AIWA MegaCD CSD-G1M [Bad_Ad84]
-Samsung Gam*Boy I [Enik Land]

Systems Promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING:
-Apple III [R. Belmont]
-Ensoniq KT-76 [R. Belmont, Guru]

Skeleton drivers:
-Sony PVE-500 [Felipe Sanches]
-Pulsar Little Big Board [Robbbert]
-Replicator 1 [Felipe Sanches]
-Henry Prot I v19 (REV.1) [Felipe Sanches]
-Fanuc System 15 [Guru, R. Belmont]
-IQ Unlimited [MooglyGuy, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, TeamEurope]
-Compucolor II [Jim Battle, Curt Coder]
-Motorola M68HC05EVS [Al Kossow, Robbbert]
-Memorex 2178 [Al Kossow, Robbbert]
-Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 [Stefan Lindberg]
-Genius Leader 4000 Quadro (Germany) [The Dumping Union, TeamEurope]
-Genius Leader 4004 Quadro L (Germany) [The Dumping Union, TeamEurope]
-Genius Leader 5000 (Germany) [The Dumping Union, TeamEurope]
-Genius Leader 5005X (Germany) [The Dumping Union, TeamEurope]
-Genius Leader 6000SL (Germany) [The Dumping Union, TeamEurope]
-Genius Leader 7007SL (Germany) [The Dumping Union, TeamEurope]
-VTech BrainStation 9009 CXL (Germany) [TeamEurope]
-Alphasmart 2000 [Jonathan Gevaryahu, Balrog]
-Kasparov Stratos Chess Computer [Cowering, O. Galibert]
-VTech Genius Leader Color (Germany) [TeamEurope]
-VTech Pitagorin Junior [Roberto Fresca]
-Husky Hunter 2 [Robbbert, John Elliot, Barry Rodewald]
-VTech Genius Leader 2000 Compact (Germany) [TeamEurope]
-VTech Genius Master Table Top (Germany) [TeamEurope]
-VTech Genius BrainStation 5505X (Germany) [TeamEurope]
-Amust Compak [Robbbert, Chickenman]
-Fanuc System P Model G [Guru, R. Belmont]
-SWTPC S/09 [Robert Justice]

Software Lists:
-pet_flop.xml: Fixed "set unit number" program on HardBox disks. [Mike Naberezny]

-studio2.xml: Added Fun with Numbers cartridge.
[brolly, Charles MacDonald, ranger_lennier]

-pico.xml: Added many new dumps, including most of the
previously missing European releases [TeamEurope]

-c128_flop.xml: Added 10 Years HVSC. [Curt Coder]

-coco_cart.xml: Added some new dumps [K1W1]

-c64_cart.xml: Added Insta-Calc v2.0. [Curt Coder]

-m5.xml: Added several new Japanese dumps, including rare cart
"Adidas Lucky Shoot" [Ola Andersson]

-megaduck.xml: Added five more dumps. [ranger_lennier, Sean Riddle]

-c64_flop.xml: Added some VICE testprogs. (nw)

-pet_rom.xml: Added Nestar Cluster/One CLO-1002-2 [Mike Naberezny]

-softlist: Added several new dumps, protos and revisions to gameboy, gamegear,
gba, gbcolor, megadriv, n64, nes, sms software lists. Many thanks to dumping
teams for their efforts. [Fabio Priuli]

Source Changes
-DEC Rainbow updates: [M. Burke, R. Belmont]
* LK201 keyboard matrix hooked up and working
* LK201 serial I/O first pass

-changed pmd85 driver to use callbacks instead of diserial connect() [smf]

-changed poly88 driver to use callbacks instead of diserial connect() [smf]

-Converted x68000 keyboard into a separate serial device. This allows
the removal of the uart hle in the driver (which didn't work, it was
always two characters behind). diserial cannot sync with the start bit
properly when using an external clock, so for now I've added a hack
that is only enabled when using the MC68901 (setting the flag ignores
the extra spurious bit that was getting shifted in). [smf]

-fixed uninitialised variables, atari st mouse works again [smf]

-Replicator 1 driver: [Felipe Sanches]
* status: no sound / not working
* general skeleton.
* basic memory mapping
* shift-register interfacing from PORTC writes to the LCD device
* avr8 fuses configuration

-pt68k4: Hooked up devices, can now read floppy disks. [R. Belmont]

-BBC Micro keyboard LED's: [Nigel Barnes]
* added layout for keyboard LED's.
* defined actual screen sizes.

-fanucs15: got the 80286 to boot correctly [Carl]

-c64: Fixed Magic Formel cartridge. [Curt Coder]

-Hooked ACIA 6850 up to Altair 8800bt [smf]

-a7800.c - Corrected joystick buttons assignment & minor palette notes
cleanup. [Robert Tuccitto]

-ppc640: Added modem CPU ROM. [incog]

-DEC Rainbow updates:
* Removed preliminary keyboard/sound hacks [Bavarese]
* Improved LK201 mapping (KBD13 keys, keys > F12) [Bavarese]
* Layout LED polarity fixed [Bavarese]
* Improved (still imperfect) bidirectional comms with LK201
[R. Belmont]

-a7800.c - Positional description for difficulty switches added.
[Robert Tuccitto]

-compclr2: Added preliminary software list for floppy images.
[Jim Battle, Curt Coder]

-sms.c: Various changes: [Enik Land]
* adjust/add some comments
* restore complete controller port functions to the japanese SMS
* isolate some code to their proper consoles
* remove FM support of the sms2kr driver
* remove Reset button of the smsj driver
* add emulation of the japanese Sports Pad model, required by Sports
Pad Soccer
* adjust some code of other controller devices.

-fanucs15: Added Guru Readme(tm) for Base 1 board. [Guru]

-compclr2: Added read-only support for Compucolor Virtual Floppy
Disk Images. [Curt Coder]

-ISA bus can now use its own address spaces instead of taking
over a CPU's. [R. Belmont]

-pt68k4 updates: [R. Belmont]
* Added ISA slots and a selection of cards supported by the boot ROMs
* Added XT keyboard interface
* Added speaker (system now beeps)

-indiana: preliminary hookup of ISA bus and peripherals and MFP. [R. Belmont]

-pc_vga: default DAC mask to 0xff, indiana now shows text [Carl]

-apf [Robbbert]
* Added -ram switch, the default is 8K, this allows most tapes to load
* Fixed pasting of upper-case program listings
* Added cart slot to apfimag, you must now load the BASIC cart yourself.
* Any apfm1000 cart can be loaded into apfimag
* Fixed bad gfx in rocket patrol and blackjack
* Fixed space destroyer (you must choose -ram 1k)
* Fixed last-minute regression in Space Destroyer
* Swapped left & right keypads, so they are on the correct sides of
the keyboard.
* Systems marked as Working
* added support for CAS and CPF cassettes
* added another bios [ranger_lennier]
* Fixed bad dump in Basic, and added Extended Basic [ranger_lennier]

clcd [smf]
* Improved the commodore lcd mmu emulation, some software is
starting to work a bit [smf]
* corrected function key mapping [smf]
* added support for bitmap mode [smf]

-indiana: Added IDE controller, fixed 16-bit ISA I/O
[R. Belmont, Carl]

-Apple II: Support for the Videx UltraTerm card. [R. Belmont]

-gameboy/gbcolor: fixed NVRAM saving. [Fabio Priuli]

-i8530h31 now *almost* boots or at least make some beeps,
instead of halting because of unmapped I/O accesses, or halting
because of a bad checksum because the ROM was loaded improperly.

-megadriv: Added Pioneer LaserActive v1.05 Jpn BIOS. [RetroJunkie]

-amstrad: Added preliminary support for the AMX mouse.
[Barry Rodewald]

-gbcolor: fixed heavy gfx regression caused by my conversion of
the LCD to be a device. [Fabio Priuli]

-Floppy subsystem documentation checkpoint. Incomplete, but
there's too many people looking at it not to push it. [O. Galibert]

-pc/xt/at: added basic implementation of the Programmers
Development System ISA card. The PDS editor software requires the
hardware present to start up. Some core work will need to be done to
get any communications working, however. [Barry Rodewald]

-nes.c: Added support for NROM368 homebrew PCB. [Fabio Priuli]

-nes.c: Fixed support for BMC-12in1 PCB, based on Cah4e3's research.
[Fabio Priuli]

-apple3 changes: [R. Belmont]
* Implement correct (zp),y extended addressing.
* Removed ProFile stub, we'll do that as a proper card later
* Removed ROM patch now that we can specify the ACIA is
* Allow -ramsize 256K or 512K
* Both VIAs can generate IRQs now, as per schematics
* hooked up modifier keys
* Added speaker toggle, beep, and DAC sound.
* Adjusted palette, confidence test color names screen is
now reasonable.
* improved interrupt generation and scanline timing
* extended addressing applies to all $x1 opcodes. SOS
apps now start up.
* rewrote keyboard handling from scratch using Curt's
AY-5-3600 device. Much, much better.
* Add save state support and initial slot hookup.
* a non-indirect instruction located on the zero page
will also enable extended addressing. Fixes Business BASIC.
* Fix ROM test in Diagnostics and support PCPI AppliCard
* improved save states, fixed double-hi-res drawing
* Fixed page 2 addresses in all graphics modes, fixed
glitches in color hires rendering.
* Rework extended addressing from the schematics.
* Fixed colors in color hires mode.
* Some cleanup, plus writes to Fxxx when write protect
isn't asserted go through to the underlying RAM.

-apple2/3: CFFA2 now ignores 6502 spurious reads during write
cycles. [R. Belmont]

-apple2: Support another Videoterm clone, the AE Viewmaster 80.
[R. Belmont]

-apple2: added games starting with "C" to the softlist. [R. Belmont]

-apple2: Support the Corvus flat-cable interface card, also used
in the Corvus Concept. [R. Belmont]

-apple2: rewrote keyboard handling according to schematics and
using the generic AY-3600. [R. Belmont]

-apple2: Support the Apple II Parallel Interface Card [R. Belmont]

-apple2gs: Add support for Vulcan Gold IDE card [R. Belmont, Spk]

-apple2gs: render to rgb32, allowing palette raster tricks (e.g.
"3200 color mode") to work. [R. Belmont]

-Apple drivers cleanup: [R. Belmont]
* apple3_state is no longer an unnecessary subclass of apple2_state
* ay3600 keyboard decoder is now independent from apple2_state
* cleaned up some includes

-Refactored the Commodore 1541/1551/1571/2031 disk drives to use
the modern floppy system. [Curt Coder]

-nes: added support for Multi-Discrete PCB (aka Mapper 28) used
by Action 53 - Function 16 - Volume ONE - "Streemerz Bundle" homebrew
multicart. [Fabio Priuli]

-nes: added support for PRG-only PCB (aka Mapper 218) which uses
NT-RAM as CHR-RAM, used by nocash's game Magic Floor. [Fabio Priuli]

-Refactored the Commodore 2040/3040/4040 disk drives to use the
modern floppy system. [Curt Coder]

-nes_mmc5: misc wip [Fabio Priuli]
* hacked around the limitations of our PPU code, so to support the
different CHR registers
* implemented Extended Attribute Mode (Ex1)
* improved PRG-RAM handling
* simplified NT-RAM handling
* first attempt to add split screen mode, still broken

-nes: added support for iNES 2.0 submappers [Fabio Priuli]

-nes_irem.c: fixed Ai Sensei no Oshiete, based on hardware doc
by naruko [Fabio Priuli]

-amstrad: Added a basic implementation of the Programmers Development
System hardware for the CPC. Only lacks a way to set up a parallel
connection between MESS instances to enable PC<->CPC communication.
[Barry Rodewald]

-nes_bandai: documented differences between FCG-1/FCG-2 boards
and LZ93D50 ones, based on analysis by naruko. [Fabio Priuli]

-Removed PET CB1 read handler, it is pushing vsync to it already. [smf]

-nes_bandai: added emulation of the barcode reader for Datach
Joint ROM System unit, making playable most games using it.
[Fabio Priuli]

-nes: Properly implemented the Bandai Datach as a passthru cart.
Datach games have now to be loaded with the following commands "mess
nes -cart datach -cart2 gamename" where gamename can be either a
shortname from the datach softlist, or a fullpath to the iNES files
(or to headerless 256k dump of the Datach minicarts). This is accurate
to the hardware, because Datach carts could not be mounted in the main
Famicom cartridge slot. [Fabio Priuli]

-gl3000s: added LCD and keyboard emulation. [Sandro Ronco]

-spc1000 [Miso Kim, Robbbert]
* added IRQ which enables cursor flash & internal timer
* added TAP cassette format
* added paste facility, fixed cursor flash
* fixed corrupted lower-case display

-nes: added Karaoke Studio inputs, mapped to keys Z, X, C. you
can now select songs and see the animation, even if I would not call
playable the games this way. [Fabio Priuli]

-Added BIOS from Midnight Blue PlayStation <10 million model>
SCPH-7000W [smf, Myria]

-added SUBCPU address space dump from US PlayStation

-PC-9801 / upd7220: Fixed Quarth video paging [Angelo Salese]

-pc: Added support for NASLite 1.72MB disk images. [Curt Coder]

-pc: Added support for Microsoft DMF 1.68MB disk images.
[Curt Coder]

-a7800.c - Added more details and clarification regarding the
potentiometer. [Robert Tuccitto]

-machine\megadriv.c - Fixes segfault when trying to load the
homebrew megadrive tutorial file "firststeps". [Felipe Sanches]

-nes: properly implemented Aladdin Deck Enhancer as a
pass-through cart. Correct syntax to launch e.g. Dizzy The Adventurer
is now "mess nes -cart ade -cart2 dizzyadv". Moved Aladdin minicart
dumps to a separate softlist (but you can load in -cart2 iNES files
from fullpath, if you like) [Fabio Priuli] nes_camerica: simplified
emulation of the BF9096 board and fixed emulation of GoldenFive board
(used by the Polish Pegasus 5 in 1 cart). [Fabio Priuli]

-nes: improved Tengen 800032 (RAMBO-1) IRQ mechanism, based on
the new findings from nesdev boards. Hard Drivin' proto is a lot more
playable. [Fabio Priuli]

-rainbow: added IRQ management framework and vector control.
[R. Belmont, Bavarese]

-Start removing usage of deprecated 68681 INPORT_CALLBACK.
[R. Belmont]

-sgi_ip2: converted to new 68681 and serial terminal [R. Belmont]

-sorcerer : added .TAPE cassette format [Robbbert]

-apollo: Start modernizing/cleanup. [R. Belmont]

-ql.c - Fixed up communication between main 68008 CPU and 8048
IPC so that making sound does not crash the machine.
[Phill Harvey-Smith]

-More apollo updates [R. Belmont]
* Old 68681 is gone
* Apollo keyboard now speaks diserial
* Headless configs use the serial terminal device

-floppy: Fix write over the index pulse and flux change lookup
before it [O. Galibert]

-apple2: ProDOS now correctly sees empty slots as empty.
[R. Belmont]

-cat.c: Canon Cat now has working sound [Lord Nightmare, R. Belmont]

-cat.c: Updated swyft related notes/comments from tracing [Lord Nightmare]

-microbee : added support for TAP and BEE formats (used in
ubee512 emulator) [Robbbert]

-cat: preliminary Centronics hookup [R. Belmont]

-apollo: More cleanup, devlegcy.h now gone. [R. Belmont]

-apollo: Cleaned up PIC8259 usage. [R. Belmont]

-SOL20 : added partial support for SVT format (used in Solace emulator) [Robbbert]

-sms: accurately emulated the behavior when mounting both a cart
and a card in the system, cleaned up RAM accesses, simplified code
handling cart/card/exp enable. [Enik Land]

-cat.c: updated comments with latest research. [Lord Nightmare]

-m5: Mirror input ports, allows new dump "Jankyo" to run. [R. Belmont, Ola Andersson]

-hisaturn: added v1.02 BIOS [zyrobs]

-apollo: Converted to use real ISA bus [R. Belmont]

-cat.c: Implemented watchdog counter readback, more
documentation [Lord Nightmare]

-cat.c: invert centronics BUSY (still need to add the /ACK
flipflop) [Lord Nightmare, smf]

-cat.c: hooked up centronics /ACK flipflop; still doesn't seem
to print, though. [Lord Nightmare]

-apollo: sc499 cartridge tape converted to ISA [R. Belmont]

-a7800.c - Support for >128k cart formats and banked RAM and
added bit 4 & bit 5 notes while standardizing 'super' description
listing. [Mike Saarna]

-rainbow.c: Added 8 sector format to legacy driver. Included
early '100-A' model with brief descriptions and placeholders for dumps
not yet obtained. [Bavarese].

-vtvideo.c: First steps to mimic soft scrolling. Should be
synchronized with beam or DMA in the future. [Bavarese]

-apollo: Separate 3c505 out into an ISA16 card. [R. Belmont]

-adam: Added ColecoVision control port slot interface along with
the ColecoVision hand controller. [Curt Coder]

-pve500.c: New maincpu dump to replace bad dump. [Felipe Sanches]

-softbox: Added preformatted 10MB hard disk image. [Curt Coder]

-snapquik.c: stop unloading snapshot/quickload images after
start. this makes these image devices consistent with other image
devices and it allows snapname and savename options to work as users
expect with these formats too. [Fabio Priuli]

-sms.c: fixed behavior of the TH pin in the Japanese SMS
consoles. [Enik Land]

-fanucspmg: corrected text mode font. [O. Galibert]

-Fix for Thomson MO6 banking, now more faithful to the hardware [Antoine Mine]

-Preliminary driver support for the HP 49 G [Antoine Mine]

-sms: fixed light phaser support through the gender adapter and
adopted RAM init pattern on Export consoles too (Korean systems are
acknowledged as Export and some Korean games rely on this) [Enik Land]

-N64 RSP changes: [MooglyGuy]
* Added SIMUL_SIMD flag for easy finding of bugs in SIMD opcodes
* Fixed SIMD versions of SSV, SLV, SDV, STV, VSUB, VADDC, VSUBC, and
* Removed SIMD optimizations from VMACF, VMADL, VMADN, as they were
provided by the CEN64 author but do not appear to have the same
results as MESS's scalar implementations, and so are not trustworthy

-mu100: Main screen turn on [O. Galibert]

-a7800.c: Fixed DMA regarding startup, shutdown and cycle
stealing which fixes numerous recorded MAMETester bugs. Bug fixed and
fine tuned the DMA timing. Corrected RIOT timing [Mike Saarna]

-ql.c: Added emulation of both the QIMI and Sandy mice to the
QL driver as well as adding support of those to the Sandy SuperQBoard.
Moved the selection of the mouse and disk interface from dip switches
to config, as this seemed more appropriate. [Phill-Harvey-Smith]

-sms: fixed Korean Gam*Boy 2 being detected as a Japanese
machine when a real unit does not. [Enik Land]

-pet: Added the "Fat 40" PET/CBM 4032 models. Check out "No Pets
Allowed" by Orb to see them and the new mc6845 functionality in
action. [Curt Coder]

-spectrum updates [MetalliC]
* BetaDisk fixed (there was just needed to start floppy motor wink
* Pentagon: fixed 7FFD port addressing; CPU clock fixed; adjusted
VBLANK IRQ timing (border effects works fine now);
* Scorpion: fixed ports addressing; both machines marked as working.
* there are still issues with BetaDisk - for unk reason wrong
commands passed to WD17xx (imho ROM switching works somehow
wrong), but anyway with write protected disk images it works
more-less fine - files from disks loaded OK;
* Pentagon1024 randomly crashes then selecting "GLUK BOOT", maybe also
coz of rom switching.

-smssdisp: fixed slot recognition so that now the system boots
the game from the first occupied slot it finds and not only slot 1.
[Enik Land]

-pce_cd: fixed MSM volume. [Osso]

-a7800.c: [Mike Saarna]
* Fixed number of scanlines to accurately reflect hardware testing
and schematics (262-->263 NTSC and 312-->313 PAL).
* Additional fix to timing of Maria cycles and comments.
* Fixed INPTCTRL register implementation to match hardware.
Diagnostic Test Cart now works.
* Corrected ROM_FILL.

-a7800.c - Numerous Improvements/bugfixes:
* Proper calibration per Diagnostic cart [Mike Saarna]
* PAL RIOT fixed. [Mike Saarna]
* Corrected SYNC timing to match later GCC tech doc and measurements
against real hw [Mike Saarna]
* Fix to bug that causes skip to first DLL if its 1 scanline tall. [Mike Saarna]
* Fixed total horiz pixels to better match hw testing results and
tech docs. Fixed rendering to ensure DMA stolen cycles. [Mike Saarna]
* Fixes reading of controller port behavior when held high by RIOT
chip [Mike Saarna]
* Normalize horizontal frequency while maintaining same net cycles.
[Robert Tuccitto]
* Fixed a few remaining issues while keeping to documented tech specs
and ranges. [Mike Saarna/Robert Tuccitto]
* Correct fix to Maria cycles regarding DMA Shutdown short/other line
shutdown. [Mike Saarna/Robert Tuccitto]

-Attempt to partially rewrite AAKART, and added 4bpp video mode
for Acorn Archimedes. It now boots at prompt screen, and actually even
boots into splash screen and dies almost soon with an error if you
provide a properly initialized NVRAM. [Angelo Salese]

-saturn: added default formatting to Backup RAM carts, so that
games can be saved in the expansion without passing through the
console menu the first time the expansion is used [Fabio Priuli]

-Improving emulation of SONY PVE-500 video editing station [Felipe Sanches]

-bbc: fixed external cart slot -cart1 for the BBC Master (demo cart
runs properly now), added second external slot -cart2 (same functionality
as -cart1). Expansion ROM slots, which are handled as internal cart slot,
are now accessible via -cart3/-cart6 media switch, until they are converted
to proper slot devices. [Fabio Priuli]

-ti99: [Michael Zapf]
* Switched to modern floppy system for TI floppy controller and BwG.
* Switched to devcb2 throughout ti99 family.
* Fixed several bugs in HSGPL

-esqmr: Dumped wave and 68HC705 MCU ROMs. [Guru, R. Belmont]

-Merged pet/vic20/c64/plus4/c128 user ports, the pinout is slightly
different on each one but there are cards that are compatible with
each of the different machines. Removed c64 version of vic1011 and
moved protovision 4 player adapter from bus/c64 to bus/vic20. Tested
with [smf]

-Hooked up the 6551 to the plus 4 user port [smf]

-Added user port pinout from CBMII manual [smf]

-Fixed commodore quick load by passing in the address space instead of
using machine().firstcpu [smf]

-Added PET user port joystick adapter [smf]

-Use proper AY8910 mixing model for MSX. Volumes set to match MSX
hardware. [Dr. Venom, Couriersud]

-BBC Micro keyboard updates/fixes: [Nigel Barnes]
* added numeric keypad on Master series.
* removed dipswitches from Master series.
* improved dipswitch descriptions.

-exp85.c: Added an RS232 port instead of hard coding the serial terminal [smf]

-isbc.c: converted to use RS232 port instead of hard coded to using serial
terminal [smf]

-flopimg: Added preliminary support for the 8-N-1 serial encoding
scheme used on Compucolor II floppies. [Curt Coder]

-clcd.c: Implemented MMU making it usable. Hooked up rtc, rs232, centronics and
sound. LCD colors are matched up from this photograph
The character rom is not dumped
So a fake font is used which takes the unused upper case font in the kernel rom
as a starting point and adds lower case characters, trying to make them match
the available screen shots
There appears to be several bugs in the roms that affect the rtc [smf]

-changed name to "PET user port" as that is where it originated and
reformatted the source file [smf]

-Centronics WIP using write lines and DEVCB2. Added an output latch and
input buffer device to allow configuration in MCFG. Renamed centronics
device "printer" to "image". FM-7 parallel port joystick works again.
Added support for using PC LPT control lines as inputs (not tested).
c64 geocable now just passes individual lines through, changed the
strobe line to what is documented online (not tested). Converted MSX &
exidy sorcerer parallel port DAC to use covox device instead of using
a configuration switch (not tested). Sorcerer parallel port is more
like the commodore user port, so should be converted to it's own slot
where one option is a centronics card. [smf]

-diimage: Added "read_only" feature to the software list to denote
write protected images. [Curt Coder]

-created src\emu\bus\rs232 & src\emu\bus\midi directories and separated
rs232 and midi devices, changed h89 to use an rs232 port to
communicate with the serial terminal to instead of connecting it
directly. [smf]

-cat: Removed hacks required by the old 68681 implementation; keyboard
works again. [R. Belmont]

-coco.c: uses rs232 port instead of bitbanger. [smf]

-pdp1.c: Modernized cpu core. [Wilbert Pol]

-Fixed the duart ip pins so they don't accidentally clear each other's
state on device_write_line; this fixes the Canon Cat printing in MESS.
[Lord Nightmare]

-Added basic implementation of the NSC810 RAM-I/O-Timer device, and
plugged it into the Husky Hunter 2 driver. [Barry Rodewald]

-Removed unselectable slot options (SLOT_INTERFACE_INTERNAL) from the
listxml output. [Curt Coder]

Official MESS ->

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Great release!
Thanks MAME/MESS Team!

"A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it's not that good."
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Nice!! It's been a few years, but this loads and runs smoothly:

$ ume64 vic20 -quik quikman+8k.prg -exp 8k

The palette looks a bit off, particularly I cannot distinguish between (primary) yellow & (alt) brown colors used at its menu.

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Sorry if this is an obvious question, but what svn revision was the cut off for 0.153?


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Originally Posted By datajerk
Sorry if this is an obvious question, but what svn revision was the cut off for 0.153?


It looks like r29406 was

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Originally Posted By The Flying Ape

$ ume64 vic20 -quik quikman+8k.prg -exp 8k

My browser accuses it to be a malware :p

"A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it's not that good."
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In MESSUI, the full audit was upgraded. It now only shows things you can do something about. So in other words, the BAD DUMP and NO DUMP messages which made the output useless, have been removed. Also, it now tells you if a set is completely missing. You can still get the old text if you right-click a system, audit a set.

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Originally Posted By Robbbert
In MESSUI, the full audit was upgraded. It now only shows things you can do something about. So in other words, the BAD DUMP and NO DUMP messages which made the output useless, have been removed. Also, it now tells you if a set is completely missing. You can still get the old text if you right-click a system, audit a set.


Anyone else crashing when attempting to manually [or run] audit "PC/AT 486 with CS4031 chipset" and "TI99/8" ?

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