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MAME 0.170 has been released.

Get it HERE.



MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 06097: [Crash/Freeze] (viper.c) Most sets in viper.c: Crashing at start
  (32-bit only) (Robbbert)
- 06127: [DIP/Input] (m92.c) thndblst: "Continuous Play" dip switch 
  value incorrectly labeled (kane)
- 06126: [Crash/Freeze] (suna8.c) hardhea2b: Exception at start (Osso)
- 04900: [Flip Screen/Cocktail] (battlex.c) battlex: Missing Title and 
  Text while flipped (Osso)
- 06117: [Multisession] (bfm_sc2.c) qntoond, quintoon: MAME crashed when 
  switching games (Osso)
- 02640: [Gameplay] (megasys1.c) kazan, iganinju: Multiple issues (slow graphic
  rendering, missing graphics) (Angelo Salese)
- 06114: [DIP/Input] (cps1.c) sf2m10: Kick inputs are not working LK MK HK (Osso)
- 06090: [Crash/Freeze] (namcos10.c) mrdrilr2, mrdrlr2a: Crash during Init (Osso)
- 06046: [Speed] Several drivers using mc6845.c: Speed is always 90-98% when 
  throttled (crazyc)
- 06104: [Gameplay] (x1.c) x1 [druaga]: druaga fails to get past 
  loading screen (crazyc)
- 06124: [Crash/Freeze] (phc25.c) phc25, spc1000, fc100: phc25, fc100 crash 
  at start; spc1000 crash when a letter key is pressed (Osso)
- 06122: [Crash/Freeze] (x68k.c) x68000 [ffight]: crashes with stack crawl (crazyc)

Source Changes
-Added more accurate SSi S14001A speech chip emulation, written by one
 of the people at SSi who originally laid out the S14001a silicon in
 1974/5! [Ed Bernard]

-nokia_3310.cpp: started implementing the driver based on available
 information. Also added dumps for various models. [Sandro Ronco]

-Corrections to some ROM names and labels on Elevator Action based on
 pcb pictures. [Lord Nightmare, brizzo]

-tispeak.cpp: Dumped and added correct version of 1979 US Speak &
 Spell. [Sean Riddle]

-vicdual: rewrote carnival music board emulation, copy-pasted samples
 handling from audio/pulsar.cpp. Kept sample names and function names
 the same. [hap]

-XAudio2 support [Brad Hughes]

-Removed this == nullptr checks and fixed most of the resulting
 crashes. [MooglyGuy, Tafoid]
-psychic5.cpp: added SCREEN_RAW_PARAMS [Angelo Salese]

-More configuration fixes [AJR]
 * terrafb: remove unused NB1414M4
 * segas16b.cpp: sanity check forgotten in last confix
 * sega16sp.cpp: fix region width, make required (as last confix

-psychic5.cpp: Fixed sprite disable for Bombs Away. [Angelo Salese]
-Pass and return palette devices by reference, not as pointers [AJR]
 * Add screen_device::has_palette()
 * Require device_gfx_interface::gfx() and palette() to access members
 * Getters for atari_vad_device return devices as references, not

-Driver configuration fixes [AJR]
- Implement found() method for object finders
- a1200, cubo, midzeus2, etc.: remove spurious palette tags
- bagman, sbagman & clones: correct PROM region lengths
- atomicp, snapper: remove unused(?) sprite device w/no ROMs

-taitotz: replace HLE rendering with actual chip emulation [Ville Linde]

-NAOMI/Chihiro docs update [f205v]
-document rest of Atomiswave registers [brizzo, MetalliC]
-added dump of World Club Champion Football's camera sensor board [ANY]

-tourvis.cpp: Added V4.0 BIOS to the Tourvision driver [system11]

-OS/2 patch [KO Myung-Hun]

-Arkanoid: Add note about the number of optical quadrature slots (24)
 the arkanoid 1:20 geared spinner's quadrature wheel. [brizzo]

-Arkanoid.cpp: Set YM2149 emulation to mix channels the same way the 
 real pcb mixes them, by directly tying them together with no mixing 
 resistors. This  introduces some distortion, but is more accurate 
 to actual pcb audio. [Lord Nightmare]
-40love.cpp: added global color select bank, fixes colors in later 
 levels for Forty-Love [Angelo Salese]

-spc1000: cassette tape motor fixed for working properly [Miso Kim]

-arkanoid.cpp: Added emulation of the 68705 timer and timer interrupts. 
 Fixed bugs with MCU port c ddr handling, latches and edge detection, 
 added missing interrupt on Z80 write to MCU, and removed a boost 
 interleave hack which was made unnecessary by these fixes. Switched 
 the Arkanoid (older) sets to use original Taito A75 06 MCU code as 
 opposed to the bootleg MCU code used until now. The 3 (newer) and 1 
 Tournament sets still use hand-hacked bootleg MCU code until original 
 MCU chips can be dumped and/or decapped. All 9 of the dumped Arkanoid 
 MCU code roms now work, if hooked up to the appropriate drivers. Hooked 
 the now-working 'deprotected Taito' MCU dump up to arkanoidjbl. Added an 
 alternate gfx rom dumped from an original 'older' US board. [Lord Nightmare, Brizzo]

-some fast invaders improvements [ANY]

-Return std::string objects by value rather than pass by reference [AJR]
  - strprintf is unaltered, but strformat now takes one fewer argument
  - state_string_export still fills a buffer, but has been made const
  - get_default_card_software now takes no arguments but returns a string

-Some comments on TRS-01 'early radar scope' 5-PCB set. Fixed some ROM 
 names based on PCB pictures from Superully. [Lord Nightmare]

-segas18.cpp: Add documentation of a Laser Ghost test PCB [Arzeno Fabrice]

-meadwttl.cpp: ROM labels update for Bombs Away (Meadows) [Stiletto, Andrew Welburn]

-common osd path environment var expansion [Jeffrey Clark]

-add lua console support back in [Jeffrey Clark]

-pc9801_86: add pcm [Carl]

-added official updater roms to the calspeeda set so that you can
 update the hdd / game revision if you so please [mrsinister]

-ts803: can display text and graphics, can boot from disk [Gabriele D'Antona]

  Dreamcast v1.022 "no MIL-CD" BIOS dumped [Leonard Oliveira]
  Katana Set5 Dev.Box BIOS v1.001 found [MetalliC]
  sorted out bioses/flashes, removed outdated comments [MetalliC]

-apple2e: fix $c800 arbitration, fixes IDE and SCSI cards 
 among others. [R. Belmont]

-R9751: Clean up, add timer register, and add another system disk 
 set to software list [Brandon Munger] Finish making it python3-compatible [O. Galibert]

-sfkick.cpp: Fill in missing dipswitches and added dip locations. [Brian Troha]

-Added pre-compiled headers support to build system [Miodrag Milanovic]
-improvements to hp9845b driver [F.Ulivi]

-Increase debug console maximum parameters in debugcon.h [ConHuevosGuey]

-m68k: fix 020+ bfins instruction results and flags [Till Harbaum]

-fidelz80: redumped CC10B PRG ROM [Berger]

-rf5c400: added external memory r/w function [Ville Linde]

-marywu: Most of the hardware has been mapped by analysing the pcb tracks. [Felipe Sanches]
 This set of commits include:
	a video layout with all 30 LEDs 13 double-digit 7seg modules
	an improved memory map hooking up the couple AY8910-3 chips, 2kb of Static RAM and the keyboard/display controller (an i8279 clone)
	multiplexing signals for the 7seg displays
	LEDs being controlled by the IO ports of the 2 AY8910-3 chips
	8-bit set of DIP-Switches, a 2x16 keyboard and 4 push buttons mapped to the i8279 scanlines and return lines

-Some more validity checking improvements: [AJR]
	* The -validate command now accepts an optional string, validating only 
	  matching drivers. This has proven useful for debugging. The default is
	  to validate all drivers as usual.
	* Devices' names are tracked when validating their auto-finders.

-Have sound_stream::input_name return the std::string it constructs [AJR]

-Added SteamLink initial support [Sam Lantiga, Miodrag Milanovic]

-Refactored NTSC pass and added sliders [ImJezze]
	* merged YIQ encode and decode pass into one NTSC pass
	* fixed half texel offset
	* re-added usage of A value
	* re-added usage of P value
	* re-added jitter of B value
	* changed default O value to 0
	* reduced sample count to 64
	* removed duplicate YIQ settings definition
	* added sliders for most NTSC settings
	* fit B value jitter between a min/max range of 0 and 1
	* fit A and B value between a min/max range of -1 and 1
 Refactored color convergence pass
	* color convergence is now independent from ratio
	* color convergence is now limited to a maximum of 10
	* the radial color convergence now "translates" the most outer 
	  pixel as they would be translated by the linear color convergence 
	  with the same amount
	* added color convergence pass to vector rendering	
	* fixed half texel offset in pre-scale pass
	* fit scan-line jitter between a min/max range of 0 and 1
	* color convolution, defocus and phosphor pass will now be skipped 
	  if all influencing parameters are 0
	* added hum bar simulation based on [MooglyGuy's] GLSL port of the MAME shader pipeline
	* added monochrome-chessboard.png
	* added slot-mask-aligned.png (to simulate a TFT LCD

New machines added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Wing Force (Japan, prototype) [ShouTime]
Snow Board Championship [Charles MacDonald, David Haywood]
Waku Waku Marine [Ryan Holtz, Smitdogg, Shoutime, The Dumping Union]
Il Galeone [f205v]
Last Four (09:12 16/01/2001) [f205v]
Samsung SPC-1500 [Miso Kim]
TI-1250 [hap, Sean Riddle]
Speak & Spell Compact (3 versions) [hap, Sean Riddle, Lord Nightmare, Kevin Horton, plgDavid(David Viens)]
Ordisavant (France) [TeamEurope, dlfrsilver]

New clones added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Gun Dealer (bootleg) [Yrouel]
Rambo 3 (bootleg of Ikari, Joystick hack) [Any]
Laser Ghost (Japan) (FD1094 317-0164) [Charles MacDonald, ShouTime]
Strider (USA, B-Board 90629B-3, Street Fighter II conversion) [system11]
Nova 2001 (Japan, hack?) [system11]
Stadium Hero '96 (USA, EAH) [Kevin Eshbach, The Dumping Union]
Multi Game '96 (Italy) [system11]
Sly Spy (US revision 4) [system11]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 [R. Belmont]
Didact mp68a [Joakim Larsson]
Didact md6802 [Joakim Larsson]
Esselte 100 [Joakim Larsson]
<unknown> Labeled 'WU- MARY-1A [Felipe Sanches]
Various Tourvision (PCE bootleg) cartridges [system11, The Dumping Union]
 - 1943 Kai, After Burner, Armed-F, Ballistix, Be Ball, Chōzetsurinjin Beraboh Man, Bomberman, 
   Chuka Taisen, Coryoon, Daisenpu, Dead Moon, Devil Crush, Dodge Ball, Dragon Spirit, Final Blaster 
   Final Match Tennis, Gunhed, Hana Taka Daka, Jinmu Densho, Kiki Kaikai, Legend of Hero Tonma 
   Mizubaku Daibouken Liquid Kids, Mr Heli, Ninja Ryukenden, Operation Wolf, Override, Pac-Land 
   PC Genjin Punkic Cyborg, Power Drift, Pro Yakyuu World Stadium '91, Psycho Chaser, Puzzle Boy 
   Raiden, R-Type II, Saiga No Nindou - Ninja Spirit, Salamander, Shinobi, Side Arms, Skweek 
   Son Son II, Tatsujin, Terra Cresta II, Toy Shop Boys, Veigues, Winning Shot, W-Ring, Xevious 
   Doraemon Meikyuu Daisakusen 

Unknown Tab Austria Poker [ANY]
Roland TR-606 [hap, Kevin Horton]
Pyon Pyon Jump [Ryan Holtz, Smitdogg, Shoutime, Roberto Fresca, The Dumping Union]
Fidelity Voice Excellence [plgDavid, hap]
Fidelity Sensory Chess Challenger 12-B [Berger]
Dragon Treasure 3 (Rev A) (GDS-0041A) [Jorge Valero, rtw, The Dumping Union]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
Fidelity Voice Chess Challenger (Spanish) [Berger]
Fidelity Voice Chess Challenger (German, French) [plgDavid, hap]
Sega Bass Fishing Challenge Version A [gamerfan, brizzo, MetalliC, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Raizin Ping Pong (V2.01J) [Shoutime]
Power Shovel ni Norou!! - Power Shovel Simulator (v2.07J, alt) [Shoutime]
Desert Patrol (set 2) (Project Support Engineering (Telegames license)) [blinddog1, Paul Swan, gregf]
Maniac Square (protected) [Charles MacDonald]
Pacman Club (set 1, Argentina) [Roberto Fresca]
Pacman Club (set 2, Argentina) [Roberto Fresca]

New WORKING software list additions
tutor.xml: Tron (Jpn) [TeamEurope, Steve]
snotec.xml: added 4 new cart dumps. [TeamEurope]
Added 10 new cart dumps for PreComputer 1000. [TeamEurope]
Added 2 new cart dumps for Ordisavant (France). [TeamEurope, dlfrsilver]
c64_flop.xml: Added Little Knight Arthur. [Pasi Hytönen]
c64_cart.xml: Added KoalaPainter. [Curt Coder]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions
casloopy.xml: Loopy Town no Oheya ga Hoshii! [TeamEurope, Steve]
casloopy.xml: Lupiton no Wonder Palette  [TeamEurope, Steve]
database.xml: Leapfrog [TeamEurope & Steve] 

Joined: Sep 2006
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Senior Member
Joined: Sep 2006
Posts: 200
MAME 0.170 compiles and runs fine on Slackware Linux 14.2 beta 1.

MAME packages for Slackware Linux users are here:

Thanks for the update!

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Sorry, my English is bad!
MAME for Slackware
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Joined: Apr 2007
Posts: 58

Here are OS/2 patches.

Review, please...

Ah, am I the only person using SDL 1.2 ? frown

diff -uNr -b scripts/ scripts/genie.lua
--- scripts/	2016-01-27 09:14:58.000000000 +0900
+++ scripts/genie.lua	2016-01-29 18:03:42.000000000 +0900
@@ -478,6 +478,11 @@
+configuration { "os2" }
+	flags {
+		"NoPCH",
+	}
 configuration {}
 msgcompile ("Compiling $(subst ../,,$<)...")
diff -uNr -b src/emu/ src/emu/luaengine.cpp
--- src/emu/	2016-01-27 09:15:02.000000000 +0900
+++ src/emu/luaengine.cpp	2016-01-29 22:36:36.000000000 +0900
@@ -1023,8 +1023,12 @@
 void lua_engine::start_console()
+#ifndef __OS2__
 	std::thread th(::serve_lua, this);
+	_beginthread(reinterpret_cast<void (*)(void *)>(::serve_lua), NULL, 1024 * 1024, this);
diff -uNr -b src/osd/sdl/ src/osd/sdl/input.cpp
--- src/osd/sdl/	2016-01-27 09:15:10.000000000 +0900
+++ src/osd/sdl/input.cpp	2016-01-29 16:07:22.000000000 +0900
@@ -1743,7 +1743,7 @@
 			if (event.key.keysym.sym < 0x20)
 				machine.ui_input().push_char_event(sdl_window_list->target(), event.key.keysym.sym);
-			ui_input_push_char_event(machine, sdl_window_list->target(), (unicode_char) event.key.keysym.unicode);
+			machine.ui_input().push_char_event(sdl_window_list->target(), (unicode_char) event.key.keysym.unicode);
 		case SDL_KEYUP:
@@ -1918,7 +1918,7 @@
 			if (!
 				sdl_window_info *window = GET_FOCUS_WINDOW(&event.motion);
-				ui_input_push_mouse_leave_event(machine, window->target());
+				machine.ui_input().push_mouse_leave_event(window->target());
 		case SDL_QUIT:

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Joined: Mar 2001
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KO: I think you are, unfortunately. Are there plans to submit an OS/2 port to SDL2?

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Senior Member
Joined: Feb 2008
Posts: 326
KO: There are probably more cases where threading is going to be used, and if compiler does not support it that would be a problem. We all admire you work and desire to keep OS/2 alive, but probably soon SDL 1.2 will have to go.

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