Ok, every code starts off with a WIP Prototype consept folder tree before a programmer can attempt to make the code run with his programming wisdom.

My idea for this consept folder tree branch was to pretty much keep things the same as the original M1 code with the bits of code but to also add in the new folders as well as make an xml folder containing all the pre made xml files from what was previously the hash folder.

Also some folders were renamed in the new code like boards to includes so in the new tree the section is called includes instead of boards but everything else like cpus from the old tree is the same in the new one other than some c codes being h codes in the newer MAME's.

The idea for adding that xml folder formally the stupid name of hash into the code is that everything is pre done no pratting about in the M1.xml because all the systems supported in the new code now has their own dedicated xml in my proposed prototype concept tree for the programmer based on his own idea.

I'm just doing this prototype consept tree thing because I wanted to really. Anything to help out with making his own idea for this new M1 happen and it might be proof of consept as well that a code very similar to the classic M1 could still work well for building up the new M1 when it comes to getting the code to something workable.


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