QMC2's ROMAlyzer can't build certain romsets against newer MAME builds starting with 0.224, and shows them as "not found" rather than "correct" as it should. Here is a list of problem sets discovered at the time of this post:

  • nshrz2mhz: and sarpc: these include "no dump" roms exclusively so naturally there's nothing to build, however listing them as "not found" is misleading as there's really nothing to "find" and the sets are technically "correct".
  • ng_mv1f and ng_mv1fz: these likely won't build due to the fact that the parent set (neogeo) includes literally all the needed roms (see rebuild log here). Again though, they should be listed as "correct".

Note that even though both qmc2 and mame -verifyroms reports these sets as "not found", qmc2 will launch them using mame, and mame doesn't complain about them.

I and others have reached out to mamedev about this as discussed here, since the cause appears to be within the mame codebase, however apparently there's no easy solution without causing problems elsewhere. So, I'm posting this here in the hopes that someone can find a workaround within qmc2 to these and related issues that may arise in the future.