Hello everyone!

I was taking a look at the stuff that is in the aviation museum in my home town's airport, and some old Marconi equipment grabbed my attention.

The people at the museum is super nice and they allowed me to take pictures of all the pcbs (and they are a lot!).

The equipment consists in a series of backplanes with card in the slots. From the pictures, I can see several cards with 8086 processors, several with roms and a lot of them with pals.

In case there's interest, I can try to dump the roms as soon as I'm able to travel back there.

Meanwhile, here are the pictures of the boards: https://mega.nz/file/8gkyVTjC#k3jX9bAl1jUsOJDw4kbaF5feK72rHfXY5oEXrRV6gL0