Galaga (Midway set 1) and (Namco Rev. B) they fixed the bullets on demo. They flip it to the correct way. Newer sets.

Galaga (Midway set 2) and (Namco) with the wrong way bullets on demo. Someone reported it at the factory later. They had go back to correct the bullets on demo. Older sets.

About that bullet flashes at the bottom on the left side of the screen. This is a real game bug. Not MAME issue. They never fix this issue. They probably didn't notice it.

All the Ms.Pac-Man/Galaga 25th sets have the same issue as the Galaga (Midway set 2) and (Namco). Seem like they put the older game with the Ms.Pac-Man. lol

Pac-Man 25th also have the issue as well. Older Galaga game???

How they not notice any of this? The factories

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