Hello Richard. Tried sending this to your email and Facebook awhile back, but didn't get a response. Hoping you still visit here. I just wanted to thank you for creating the program Audio Overload for Mac, and especially keeping it maintained over the years as the new operating systems and changes have kept coming these past 20+ years. I can also say I've been a proud user of the program since it essentially was first related in 2000.

Over time you've made some great additions and enhancements to the program, and greatly appreciate that as well. I know you're probably a lot busier now that you were 21 years ago, but I'm hoping I could offer some suggestions/input/potential bugs I've found over time that could maybe get looked at/fixed/etc.

1. REQUEST: Add "panner" radio controls to A-O which lets you choose which direct each channel is playing through (left, center aka default, and right)? Right now, the only way to do so is exporting each channel and mixing them in an audio program. It would be great to have that simple control baked into A-O.

2. REQUEST: Associate the Left and Right arrow keys with playing the previous/next track for all-in-one system formats like Nintendo's .nsf? I thought AO did have this key association in the past. I know there is another combo, but Left/Right arrow keys are much more natural

3. REQUEST: Would be nice if 'Clear list' could have a keyboard shortcut assigned to it.

4. REQUEST: It would be really nice if there was like a Readme or something on the AO page that listed all the keyboard shortcuts.

5. REQUEST: Ability to sort the File Name column (Ascending, Descending)

6. BUG: Can delete one single track via delete button, but no option to select multiple (but not all)

7. BUG: If you click and add audio files by selecting the entire folder, they will be all in random order. If you select them all inside the folder, it will be in the proper order.

8. BUG: Playing an nsf file say on track 10, and press the pause button. If I press the play button, it restarts the nsf back to track one.

9. BUG: Save to file always reverts the Max Recording Length number to 120.

10. BUG: Saving to wav all 5 normal nsf channels separately and play them back in a multitrack program like Adobe Audition or Audacity. The mix will have some channels louder than they should be. This is with no Normalizing settings on.

11. BUG: The audio tracks seem to have mixing volume issues when only certain ones are selected/exported. Note I don't have any kind of volume options enabled in preferences. Example: Kirby's Adventure for NES which I attached. Play track 13/58 (boss fight music) with all 5 NSF channels. It's the proper mix. Now try one of two things:

Listen to the first three seconds of that track with the full mix; it's normally mixed. Now listen with just Pulse 1, 2 and Wave; it's also normally mixed for the first 3 seconds (you don't hear Triangle and Noise). Now listen to the first three seconds of just Triangle and Noise; there are beats there that aren't part of the full 5 channels or if you enable in addition to those two Pulse 1, 2, or Wave.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. If you have time, please let me know your feedback on these points. I genuinely appreciate you and everything you've done.