Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have a system that's fast enough to run Area51 at, say, at least an 8 frameskip and 100% speed?

I'm to the point of considering picking up a whitebox PC just to run it. (That won't work because then I'd be forced to set-up a Freevo box with it! And my marriage won't withstand that! The MAME controllers I build are enough of a strain!)

On my iBook 900 G3, in OS9, in plain software video, and 1x mode with limited sound, I can barely get 100% at 10-11 frame skip in the sections where there are only sprites. (CHD video segments slow it way down) (0.66.2).

I was thinking about upgrading a beige G3 tower I've got on the shelf with a G3-1000 upgrade and a Rage 128 card, but I don't even think that will do it with a faster HD and slightly more memory to put the CHD on a RAM disk.

Can anyone give me a guess at a decent minimum system to run Area51? (For Mac, Win, or linux.) (I'd say my Dreamcast too, but they only barely got a optimized version of Crossbow working on it with a gun! Still, it runs MAMEd about as fast as my 400MHz upgraded Supermac.)