Hi there everybody!

For some reason, the sound doesn't work in Mortal Kombat II, revision 3.1, on MacMAME 0.87. Basically, I hear no sound at all during the game. (Everything else in the game works beautifully by the way--thanks to much improved performance since the last version!)

However, sound for the same ROM works fine in MacMAME 0.77u2a. In addition, other ROMs have perfect sound in MacMAME 0.87, so the problem appears to affect only MKII.

I've tried adjusting the volume using the - and = keys, but to no avail. (Apparently MKII has special volume controls built-in.) I've also tried adjusting the volume using the backquote (`) key, but also had no luck. I've audited the ROM, and all seems fine with it.

I compared the audio settings between the two MacMAME versions, and they seem to be identical. They are also running on the same computer and OS. The computer is a Dual G4 867 MHz with 768 MB of RAM and an ATI Radion 9800 Pro running Mac OS 10.3.6.

Anyone else experience this problem?

Any advice is welcome!