Hey everyone. I have read the articles on how to program the Ipac on the Mac and yet still run into troubles. I have tried this on both an Imac (second revision I believe) and a first gen G4 tower (sawtooth motherboard) Both machines were running OS 9.1 and I think this may be the cause of the issue. What happens is I get it connected all the tests function properly in the programing software, and so I verified all the buttons are working properly. The software also sees the Ipac on a scan but if I try to write to the Ipac I get a handshake error.

This is what I have tried:
Try to connect at default settings get the error,
Change the connection speed still errors, unplug the ipac and retry new connection speed still errors, Restart the machine with Ipac attached still errors, restart with it not attached, still an error.

I have done this for each speed setting in the IPac programing util for the mac. This is the 1.2 version of the program util.

All I want to do is add a Command Key and modify the shift so that I do not need a keyboard.

I saw that someone suggested a program such as Keyquencher and I may have to give that a try but I really would like to get it programmed properly.

Could this be an issue with the Ipac or am I just missing something?

Thanks All!