Message Board Rules

Welcome to the MacMAME Message Board!

These rules apply to the MacMAME Message Board at (formerly Emuverse). By registering to use this Message Board, you are agreeing to adhere to these rules. Disregarding them may result in your posts being deleted, or you being banned from the board.

1. No ROM-begging

DO NOT ask where to find ROMs on the Message Board. All such posts will be either deleted or locked without warning.

There are a few legal ROMs available for download at . Otherwise you'll have to find them on your own.

Related to ROM-begging, are these rules:
  • Never post a URL to an illegal ROM site, or a site advertising one, even if it's a site that you run yourself. The MAME team officially discourages the downloading of illegal ROMs, and this message board fully supports that decision.
  • Warez trading, asking for serial numbers, discussing how to crack software or bypass registration information, and any similar activities are strictly forbidden. Violators will be permanently banned from the Message Board without warning. (There are a lot of programmers who frequent this board, so use some common sense.)

2. Please look for an answer yourself, before asking questions

Please do your homework before posting a question. Many questions have already been asked and answered.
  • The MacMAME Message Board has a built-in search engine, so you may find an answer already here. Please use the search engine to check for answers before asking your questions.
  • Read all of the documentation. The MacMAME User\'s Guide (maintained by Brian Kendig) is available in several languages, and is also included with MacMAME in the Documentation folder.
  • Also check the MacMAME Wiki . This is an interactive documentation site that includes current bug reports for MacMAME, information on controllers, where to get non-ROM content, feature requests, and more. The Wiki ensures that important information won't get lost in the shuffle of the main Message Board.
  • If you're looking for additional information on MAME bugs, check out MAMETesters .
  • Finally, the full MAME FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and a great deal of other information is available at .

3. Keep (mostly) on topic

MacMAME and related emulators, classic videogames, arcade nostalgia and MacMAME projects are all great topics for discussions. A few additional rules about off-topic posts are:
  • If you are posting something off-topic, please preface the subject with [OT], so people are aware it's an off-topic post before reading it. Also, it should have some relevance to the message board. Mac games, other Mac emulators, and Mac-related news are all within reason - but if you want to discuss these topics at length, please look for other message boards devoted to them.
  • If posting a question related to MacMAME development (programming, compiling, bug fixing, etc.) please preface the subject with [DEV], so it makes it easy for programmers to see it, or to search the archives for it.
  • The MacMAME Message Boards are not the place to find or expect general Mac tech-support. Some sites to try instead are: Apple , MacFixIt , MacInTouch , XLR8 Your Mac , Inside Mac Games , etc. All of these sites have public forums where people can post questions and conduct searches of the archives for a particular issue.

4. No whining

Constructive criticism, bug reports, and helpful suggestions are welcomed. Just be mindful of the programmers when phrasing posts for them to read. Nobody likes to be insulted, even inadvertantly. (Also - please leave your caps lock key off. It's considered "shouting" in the online world.)

Remember that MacMAME is a free product, worked on by volunteers in their spare time. The next version will be released when it is ready, and the authors are doing their best to improve MacMAME with each release. Whining about it only makes people angry, and does absolutely nothing to help with the project.

5. No flaming

This is pretty self-explanitory, you'd think. Still, a lot of people seem to want to start a fight, or insult people for no good reason. Any flames will be deleted from the board without warning.

Related to this is how we treat newcomers. If someone new violates the rules or asks a question that perhaps shouldn't be asked, kindly point them to the rules page and suggest they read the documentation. We'd like them to feel welcomed to our community - not shunned as an outsider.

6. No Spam

No Spam, advertising (unless it's for a MacMAME related site or product), junk e-mail, chain letters, or similar. Any such postings will be deleted without warning.

7. No obscenity

Please refrain from using explicit language. Kids may be reading this stuff - and some of us old geezers get tired of it, too. Similarly, don't post any explicit images within your messages, and if you choose to link to such material, do the other Message Board members the courtesy of warning them of the content you're linking to.

8. Avoid posting large in-line graphics

The Message Board allows you to post graphics in your message. However, a lot of people still use dial-up accounts to access the web. If you have a large image (or multiple images) you want to share, please post a link to it, instead of posting it in the body of the message. Smaller images are fine if compressed properly.
Disclaimers: can't be held responsible for any content on the message board. However, any blatantly disruptive or offensive messages will be removed without warning as soon as possible. These rules are subject to change.

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