Looking for help with MacMAME?

Here are a few places to check:

  • The MacMAME User\'s Guide (maintained by Brian Kendig) is available in several languages, and is also included with MacMAME in the Documentation folder. It also features a FAQ and Troubleshooting guide.
  • MacMAME.org is the official home of MacMAME, and is where you can dowload the current version of the emulator, as well as previous releases.
  • The MacMAME Message Board has a built-in search engine. Please look before asking a question - it may have already been answered. When you do ask a question, please be patient. All of the posts do get read, but we may not always have the answer you're looking for, or it may take someone awhile to find it.
  • The MacMAME Wiki . This is an interactive documentation site that includes current bug reports for MacMAME, information on controllers, where to get non-ROM content, feature requests, and more.
  • MAMETesters tracks current bugs in MAME, so if you're wondering if a game is working or not, check there.
  • The MAME FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and a great deal of other information is available at MAME.net .
  • The Downloads page at MAME.net has a few legal ROMs you can download, and sound samples required by some of the games. We can only tell you where to find legal ROMs. Please don't ask where to find any others.
  • Finally, if you haven't, please read the Message Board Rules for additional information.

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