I received notice of this today in a message. I thought I would post
it here, in the event that anyone is interested in reading the full article.

"RampRate CEO Tony Greenberg and senior analyst Alex Veytsel argue how online gaming will be the biggest casualty if ISPs decide to prioritize packets, because unlike voice or video, ISPs are not likely to be interested in or able to claim a stake in the online gaming business. The report, "Every Time You Vote against Net Neutrality, Your ISP Kills a Night Elf," looks at how this event might kill online gaming, how it affects the mobile industry, and importantly, what can be done to stop it. This is well worth a look."

The link to the artice follows.

A New Take on Net Neutrality - ISP Packet Prioritization Will Kill Online Gaming:

(The source is http://www.fiercegamebiz.com/ )