It might be a well known fact, but still there are people who don't know about this little trick.

It was brought to my attention that ZiNcGUI which is said to be buggy, has some problems with CHDs. As a matter of fact it always shows the games in red even if ClrMamePro list CHDs as good. I have tried to find answer in this forum on how to make the games green, but found nothing.

But I've found some valuable info that ZiNcGUI didn't have any means to check CHDs at the time of its last release. By looking in dats I have found out that CHDs are 'initialized' through RomInfo=gamename.chd:(disk), but since (disk) is not a checksum or anything a program can understand and interpret adequately, it displays games as red. So I just removed those lines from four dats that have CHDs in them and the games are showed in green in ZiNcGUI now.

Hope it helps those who still wonder why the games are showed as bad, even if they are good. And don't forget to check your CHDs with ClrMamePro. Removing them from dats doesn't make them flawless.