I have two monitors: a larger primary one on which I browse the 'net, watch videos, and play games; and a smaller secondary one on which I talk to people via IRC and display Winamp.

I would like to be able to talk on IRC on my secondary monitor while a game is being displayed on my primary monitor. I can see mIRC clearly on my secondary monitor while Nestopia is in full-screen mode. Whenever I switch focus from Nestopia to mIRC, Nestopia minimizes [unnecessarily], requiring my primary monitor to change video modes and switch to displaying some other application which happened to be behind Nestopia.

Nestopia doesn't allow me to enable "On Top" if "Fullscreen" is enabled. It would be very nice if it did. I'm fairly sure this would be very quick and easy to implement. I don't have the programming skill required for such a change, and even if I did, I am not familiar with the code like a long-time Nestopia developer is. Please consider this a friendly request to have that implemented. Thank you! smile