First off, I'm not really asking for support-- I'm well aware RC1 is pre-release and that W7 probably won't even be officially supported after it comes out.

Basic support works fine. You can load rom images from local disk or network as you'd expect, works fine fullscreen or windowed.

However, attempting to load rom data from a library seems to be hit and miss. When I create a library holding all the separate paths (\\fileserver\emu\roms\nes\blahblah) from my GoodNES sorted set, I get 'No such interface supported' as an error message. Now, if I copy the .zip or .nes file I'm loading over to My Documents and access the library associated with THAT, it loads just fine.

As of now, not entirely certain if this is a problem with W7's library system or an incompatibility based on Nestopia's file loading methods.

This isn't a critical problem in that libraries are mostly just a convenience thing, but it is something to be aware of. I'll continue to play with this, but if anyone else plays with this setup, I'd really love to hear what results you get.