I'm trying to make a custom build of Nestopia that links to my website. So far I have been able to set up the project in Visual Studio 2008 C++ Express Edition, and got it to compile (really easy actualy). I've also located the exact line of code I need to change. My questions are about understanding some custom classes like the Path class.

on line 683 of the NstDialogCheats.cpp file a Path object is created from the browsed to location of a File Dialog box with this line of code

const Path path( paths.BrowseLoad( Managers::Paths::File::XML, paths.GetCheatPath() ) );

I'd like to replace this with a line that would point to a URL, but I'm not familiar enough with the Path class or C++ to know how to do this. I'll tackle harder problems next, but for now, how to I construct a Path object with a string as it's sole argument?