First of all, hi everyone.

I've recently started a new Romance of the Three Kingdoms game, so after a few hours I decided to stop and save my progress (NOT by pressing F5). Next day, when I tried to load my current playthrough, I got the message "No saved data". I checked the "saves" folder, and the .sav file was there.

Don't know why, but I decided to test another Koei game: Genghis Khan. Once again, the .sav was also created, but still, no data was restored.

Finally, I tested two more games: Gemfire and ROT3K II. In these cases, however, data WAS restored.

I tried another emulators such as VirtuaNES and Rocknes X, and experienced the same issue. Besides, Nestopia has always been my emulator of choice, and I wouldn't want to discard it.

So, if anyone has any suggestions of what I may be doing wrong, I'd really appreciate it. BTW, I'm currently using version 1.40 on Windows XP, if it helps.